I believe in the power of the intuition, the imagination and creativity in combination to unlock the hidden gifts and capabilities in people and organisations.  I believe we can each be visionaries in our own lifetime. The tool I particularly favour to access this diamond mine of latent potential is the Intuitive Vision Board. It works every time,

Culture of things  

I began adult life by studying Anthropology at Durham University, considered very unusual at the time and now considered “cool”.

As anthropologists, we were taught to pay close attention to people's behaviour because this is where we found the evidence of the culture’s value system.  We learnt that it’s behaviour that shape a person, a society and a culture:  it's not what you say, it's what you do that counts.


From Anthropology I gravitated towards marketing.  I began in a field that has since been superseded by online shopping:- mail order book clubs.  I cut my teeth here before launching a direct marketing consultancy with my business partner.  In 8 years this business grew to be a successful business, dealing with mostly Fortune 500 companies.  

With my anthropological filter always uppermost, I naturally tuned into the unspoken conventions driving individuals and the organisation.  The not-so-obvious always holds the juice and has fascinated me, which is why I'm intuitively drawn to it.

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In our agency, we had a team of 15 people and beautiful offices so clients could enjoy respite away from London. For them Bracknell was rural.

Staff were a mystery.  We had good talent and invested regularly in their development.  We paid good salaries. But I  felt we only enjoyed the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the individuals were capable of delivering to the organisation.  I couldn’t find a way to liberate them entirely from their assigned roles to deliver a greater return on investment, despite talent profiling. And it troubled me.  

When I let go of consultancy to start a family, this conundrum went with me.  It wasn't until I  returned to University that I inadvertently stumbled upon the answer. This solution I now share with my clients to unlock what’s dormant in themselves and in their companies.  

Living Mindfully  

My flair for the not-obvious gave me additional insights when it came to the arrangement of living and working spaces.  I retrained in Feng Shui, mostly with Denise Linn in Seattle, and have remained a passionate practitioner of this art and science of living mindfully since 1996, arranging the living and working space to support the vision.

Still with my anthropological filter, I see my task with Feng Shui is to make people aware of the culture of their homes and offices from the imprint they are making.  When this imprint is at odds with their aspirations, it’s time to fix it so their outer environment mirrors their inner landscape.  I  teach.  I consult.  And I have travelled for this, mostly in the UK, France and USA.


Four years as a parent and I am single.  My instinct was to bring my portfolio of parent, homemaker, entrepreneur closer to home.  To simplify matters I bought a puppy!

To stay sane while juggling it all I started dancing again, which I’d begun age 4 as a ballerina in a pink tutu and became a tap-dancing impresario.  I returned to University and obtained a PGCE in Dance, teaching creative dance to children and organic movement to adults. Meanwhile my studies evolved into a Master's Degree in Somatic Art Psychotherapy at the University of Chichester.  

Towards the end of my student life I received the inspiration for the Intuitive Vision Board workshop.  Here was the tool I'd been looking for to unlock the latent opportunities for people. I’ve since delivered the Intuitive Vision Board workshop to thousands of men, women and children from all walks of life.


 I have a daily expressive arts routine.  My home and work space is always Feng Shui-friendly.  And I make a new Intuitive Vision Board every year.   I’ve been fortunate to have had wonderful teachers - notably Denise Linn, Helen Poynor, Miranda Tuffnell, Claude Coldy, Anna Halprin.  

Sadly Dr Jill Hayes, who was such an inspiration as my University tutor, has passed.  Jill used to say: “What I respect about you the most Mary, is your capacity to stay true to your creative calling no matter the outer circumstances of your life.”  It touches me greatly to recall her words because I couldn’t quite get my head around the truth in them at the time.  

Most of us long to discover and be seen for who we truly are and I was seen and acknowledged by Jill.