I believe in the power of creativity, the imagination and intuition to unlock the hidden resources and potential in people and organisations.  I use the tools of Intuitive Vision Boards, Feng Shui and Movement-Art therapy to access this potential.

The culture of things  

I studied Anthropology at Durham University - a far cry from the warm shores of south Devon where I grew up by the sea.  I still remember the fur coat from Oxfam, shipped north by my father, in an attempt to keep me warm in temperatures four degrees lower on a good day.

As Anthropologists, we were taught to pay attention to people's behaviour.  This is where we found evidence of their value system and not what they said.  Words are so easily  misinterpreted or a fabrication of the ego whereas actions are what shape  society and culture.

A gift for seeing

After my degree I drifted into marketing.  I started out in what has now been superseded by the internet - Mail Order Book Clubs - and then launched a marketing consultancy with my business partner.  Over 8 years the business grew until we achieved £4 million turnover with mostly Fortune 500 companies.  

Still with my Anthropological hat on, I was always on the lookout out for the 'unspoken ground rules' driving an individual or organisation; the invisible held the truth and it was always obvious to me.

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Living mindfully

In the Agency we had a great team of 15 people and beautiful offices which I’d  created so our clients could enjoy some tranquillity away from London. For them Bracknell was rural.  When I left the Agency to start a family, I took my flair for arranging living and working spaces one step further.  I retrained in Feng Shui, mostly with Denise Linn in Seattle - and have remained passionate about living mindfully.  

Still with my anthropological filter, I helped people become aware of the culture of their home and offices by the imprint they left on their environment.  I taught.  I consulted.  I travelled, mostly in the UK, France and the USA.   

In the early days I did many consultations accompanied by my daughter on a sling.  When she was older,she gravitated to dolls houses - four of them in total - and spent many hours creating homes for Sylvanian animals in them.

Return on investment

My staff however were an unresolved mystery to me, which I likened  to an iceberg.  We had wonderful talent and invested regularly in skills and personal development.  We paid good salaries. But I  felt the business only enjoyed the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the team were capable of delivering to the organisation.  We couldn’t find a way to liberate them from their assigned roles  and make more of their potential available to the organisation - and it troubled me.  

When I sold my share of the company to become a mum, this conundrum went with me.  Eventually I returned to University where inadvertently I found the answers I was looking for and now offer these tools to people and organisations.  

Dancing queen

Four years into motherhood I was a single-parent.  My instinct was to bring the scene of operations closer to home to manage my portfolio - parent, homemaker, entrepreneur - under one roof.  To simplify life further I bought a puppy!

To stay sane, I started dancing again, which I'd begun age 4 as a pink tutu’d ballerina and tap dancing impresario.  I got a PGCE in Dance and taught creative dance to children and organic movement to adults, while my studies evolved into a Masters Degree in Somatic Art Psychotherapy at Chichester University.  

During these studies I received the inspiration for the Intuitive Vision Board workshop, which I've since delivered to over a thousand men, women and children. I wanted the tool to be inclusive and accessible to all.  I believe strongly in the power of creativity, our intuition and the active imagination for unlocking the potential of people.  This is still a relatively unharnessed resource - one I recognised from the old Agency days was absent but I couldn't put my finger on what was missing.  When we connect to the core of our creativity, we touch the source of our most authentic power and that's to be celebrated.

Who encouraged me

 I have a daily practice of expressive art and I make a new Intuitive Vision Board every 9 months of so.   I was taught by some wonderful teachers notably Helen Poynor, Miranda Tuffnell, Claude Coldy, and Anna Halprin.  

Sadly Dr Jill Hayes, who was such an inspiration as my University tutor, passed away.  Jill used to say to me: “What I respect about you the most Mary, is your capacity to stay true to your creativity no matter the circumstances of your life.”  It touches me to greatly to recall her words even though I didn’t  really understand what she meant at the time.  Most of us  desire to be seen and acknowledged for who we are - and I was seen and acknowledged by Jill.