Soul Alive Retreat 2018 - shared occupancy


Soul Alive Retreat 2018 - shared occupancy

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Creative, transformational, life-changing.  

When too many plates are spinning, it's hard to decide which ones to drop.  The SOUL ALIVE Retreat gives you space to re-imagine your life from the grass roots upwards through embodiment, mindfulness and creativity.

Take time-out just for you.  Everything you need is taken care of.  You'll be in a small group and a safe environment.

No telephone, no emails, no internet.  You're encouraged to unplug for 6 days to make the most of  both stillness and adventure, sociability and time alone.

Get out of the fray and enjoy some quality time to yourself in the glorious sunshine to reflect on where you are.
Slow it down and take a break from your phone, your job, your children, your partner to de-clutter your busy mind .
Relax and explore some beautiful natural landscapes and soak up the local history and culture.
Regroup and rejuvenate from an uber-busy lifestyle.