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Book summary

  • When life throws you a curveball, how do you find solutions to the challenges you face?

  • When you’re stuck at a crossroads wondering which road to take, how do you decide?

  • When you need a vision, how do you create one when you don’t know where to start or what it should contain? 

Awaken Your Intuitive Vision is a life-affirming creative process, which is ideal for anyone seeking direction, clarity, and self-awareness. It takes you step-by-step through the process to create an Intuitive Vision Board and the psychology behind it.

 It is both simple and profound and does not require artistic ability.  It can be repeated over and over again when guidance is sought and there are difficult decisions to be made.

Mary Nonde

At 56 years old, Mary Nondé lost almost everything all at once – partner, home, career, belongings, car, savings, pensions and credit. Thankfully not her teenage daughter and Labrador dog and together they had to start all over again. But where to start?

Book Synopsis

Mary devised the Intuitive Vision Board while studying for a Master’s Degree in Somatic Arts Psychotherapy. Only when in dire straits herself did she fully appreciate the power of this intuitive visioning tool to turn her life around, the very same process you’ll read about.

The problem is when you are anxious, fearful or sad, your Logical-Left brain – the one you are so dependent upon for the answers – won’t think straight. This is the moment to turn to your Remarkable-Right brain to awaken your intuition, your imagination, and creativity, which gives you access to the quantum field of intelligence to envision possibilities you never knew existed.

Once made this large, colourful collage of evocative images acts like a beacon, steering you away from despair to hope, while the new pathway takes form beneath you.

The Intuitive Vision Board is a life-affirming creative process. It’s ideal for anyone seeking direction, clarity, and self-awareness. It doesn’t require artistic ability - and can be repeated over and over again when guidance is sought and there are decisions to be made.

Getting the most out of the book

You can dip into Awaken Your Intuitive Vision as you fancy. Each chapter is supported by a quotation from a famous creative thinker, laying the groundwork for what follows. Entwined throughout are stories you’ll hear from people who have used the Intuitive Vision Board to transform their lives, although their names and identities have been altered to preserve confidentiality.

To follow the step-by-step guide to making an Intuitive Vision Board. To understand the psychology, philosophy and neuroscience behind it. To interpret the signs, symbols and metaphors that appear, this book is best read from start to finish.

For Mary, the Intuitive Vision Board not only uncovered an innovative pathway through a complex situation, she also emerged with a new sense of purpose and with her confidence and self-esteem restored.

The real power behind the process therefore lies in enabling you to be curious about your own life again and to feel positive and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Book Reviews

“This book combines wonderful story-telling with a precisely articulated emergent process to follow – alone or with others. If you’re someone like me who enjoys plenty of underpinning theory and evidence to explain how and why the process of intuitive vision boarding works, at both the physiological and psychological level, you’ll find this too. “

“Mary Nondé’s approach induces the right expansive state of mind that was a bit hit and miss when making a vision board on my own. I found the advice on illumination and integration especially helpful since, without that application, it could remain simply a fun exercise. This book is a treasure and I anticipate giving it to everyone I know while my own will be much-loved and well-thumbed.”

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