Consciously creating a nurturing environment around you where you give your vision life and it can unfold, is the next step.  The ancient practice of Feng Shui informs you to make space for new growth and how to fabricate an environment aligned for success so you’re not pushing uphill.

During a Feng Shui consultation I provide a systematic approach to aligning your living and working spaces so they mirror your inner aspirations and create congruency with the outer form;  as without so within.

Just like acupuncture removes blocks to the free-flow of energy (chi) in the body, the act of rearranging your environment can literally transform your life.  Everyone under the same roof benefits whether they believe in Feng Shui or not!


“Within days of taking Mary’s advice and making  easy yet significant changes to my relationship area in my home, I met the man of my dreams.   Having been single for 9 years, this feels more than a  coincidence,. The follow up emails with further insights were really appreciated. " 
Helen, Executive Coach, Bucks
“Mary’s skill in Feng Shui helped us to make quick, inexpensive but striking changes, which transformed our home from cool and unapproachable into warm and homely; a place people wanted to purchase.  We were overwhelmed with viewings and had a number of offers in quick succession.”
Nicola, Education Advisor, South Wales.