Feng Shui is both the art and science of living mindfully.  It's  an ancient, universal practice that has as much validity today as it did thousands of years ago when  first documented. 

Once you've created your Vision Board, it's time to mindfully create the best, most nurturing environment for your vision to unfold. 

Feng Shui informs us how to make space for  new developments and to fabricate an environment aligned to success so you’re not pushing uphill to achieve your aspirations.

Just like acupuncture removes the blocks which impeded the free-flow of energy (chi) in the body, the act of rearranging your environment achieves the same and can transform your life.

Everyone under the same roof benefits whether they understand the methodology of Feng Shui or not.


During a Feng Shui consultation we assess the flow of life-force energy (chi) in the living and working space and how to harness it  more effectively to enhance the well-being, creativity and wealth of the home or enterprise.  The process includes:

  • Pre-consultation diagnostic - by telephone.  To understand the nature of the problem and to benchmark outcomes
  • On-site assessment - Feng Shui adjustments and enhancements are made in situ.  Further recommendations are given to be implemented later.
  • Post-visit - depending on the size of the task this includes a report and always any telephone clarification
  • Check and balance  - a follow-up visit monitor the results and to advise on next steps


The fee is determined by the size or the property and the scale of the project.  

Fees start at £350 for an initial home visit plus travel expenses. outside a 10-mile radius.

For a business or organisation a day project is £980.  Projects of day-long duration require overnight accommodation.

Contact me using the link below to set a date or to ask a question.


Greens restaurant in Padstow, Cornwall
"Thank you for your detailed and informative Feng Shui report - and for sending it so promptly.  It was very useful to have before the staff meeting, and before our site progress meeting and the architect was really interested too. 

Your visit was timed perfectly to enable us to ‘tweak’ some of the materials we were using to more directly support the elemental aspects of the site.  It has also given us a good ‘steer’ for choosing the finishing touches to bring everything together. 

This process added another dimension to the whole building project, making it more meaningful – and somehow bringing it to ‘life’.  It has also raised our awareness to the energy of, and our intentions for, this new home for our ‘new’ business.

It felt like a very creative time we spent together, on site and in discussion before and after your visit, and I really appreciated your input.  It stimulated lots of ideas and took us in new directions too that I know will benefit the space. "

“Within days of taking Mary’s advice and making  easy yet significant changes to my relationship area in my home, I met the man of my dreams.   Having been single for 9 years, this feels more than a  coincidence,. The follow up emails with further insights were really appreciated. " 
Helen, Executive Coach, Bucks
“Mary’s skill in Feng Shui helped us to make quick, inexpensive but striking changes, which transformed our home from cool and unapproachable into warm and homely; a place people wanted to purchase.  We were overwhelmed with viewings and had a number of offers in quick succession.”
Nicola, Education Advisor, South Wales.