In today’s idiom Feng Shui is the art & science of living mindfully.

The original Chinese translation means ‘wind and water’.

Good Feng Shui will automatically improve the quality of your home and office environment and the well-being of everyone living there whether they believe in Feng Shui or not!

It can also help specifically to

  •  Sell a house

  • Set up a new home

  • Improve health

  • Address sleep problems

  • Attract a partner

  • Get pregnant

  • Boost money and wealth

  • Change jobs


The introductory talk is FREE and includes a glass of wine. 

The advanced talk is on the Bagua - explored and explained. It includes the Five Elements, the associated colours and enhancements, and their application to the Bagua. Price £17 per person.

You are advised to attend the introductory talk first.

To book your place, please contact me with the names of those attending.