An introduction to the art & science of creating vibrant living space.

Energy isn’t just at the heart of physics.  It's fundamental to Feng Shui too.  You’ll learn about energy (chi) that flows through your home and working environment and gain a practical understanding of how to moderate it to improve your well-being and prosperity. 

Introductory Talk

  • How clutter affects drives people crazy and blocks the path to your success

  • What to do about a troublesome room so you can stop complaining about it

  • The best location for your bed, the sofa, the dog!

  • How to move the furniture around to your material and spiritual advantage

  • Where to light a candle for love, career, wealth in your home.

    Advanced Talk

  • The Five Elements and their application to the Bagua

  • The associated elemental colours

  • The nourishing and controlling cycles for each element

  • The enhancements associated with each Bagua house or ‘fortune’


It’s advisable to have attended the introductory talk first before the advanced but not essential.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Otherwise you can book below.