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creative | intuitive | visionary

making the most of your one wild & wonderful life


creative | intuitive | visionary

making the most of your one wild & wonderful life

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Intuitive Vision Board

a remarkable source of direction, inspiration, and serendipity

Intuitive Vision Board

a remarkable source of direction, inspiration, and serendipity



A typical vision board is a collage of words and pictures conjured up by the logical left-brain to make your dreams come true.  That’s planning. And it’s not what we’re doing here.   

The Intuitive Vision Board is a creative activity that engages the right-brain. You start with an empty mind and anticipate nothing at all. 

It's a powerful emergent process that is empowering, revealing and life-changing.

The Intuitive Vision Board creates a bridge between your deepest desires and their realisation - for the year ahead and oftentimes longer. 

More like a vision quest than a goal-setting exercise with pictures, it enables you to

  • Get clear about what you want

  • Explore all the options

  • Reach a decision

  • Know where you’re going

  • Be confident which path to take

  • Boost your enthusiasm & morale

  • Be happy and fulfilled.


Being part of a creative group in a workshop is more effective than making a vision board on your own.   Left to your own devices, the left-brain tends to take-over and decide in advance what should be on your board and look for images to represent this.  That’s not visioning.

The left-brain gets bored easily too and may have you wander off leaving your board unfinished.  While making a board with a friend there's a tendency to chat, which means your right-brain switches off altogether.

My role is to distract the left-brain gate-keeper. My job is to keep you focused on the right-brain so you can explore deeply in the realms of the super-conscious intelligence for the answers you seek. 


In the coaching session we leave no stone upturned in exploring the signs, symbols and metaphors appearing on your board as images. 

 It’s better to purchase for the coaching session when you pay for the workshop. This package includes a signed copy of my book ‘Awaken Your Intuitive Vision’.

Jenny Tschiesche, The Lunch Box Doctor 

"Without the coaching, making the vision board would be like baking a magnificent cake and then not eating it.  The one-to-one session produced a subtle and sometimes radical re-frame of my own interpretations under Mary's experienced and intuitive eye." 

To ask a question or reserve your place please use the button below.   


If you'd like me to travel to you for a private workshop - with friends, your whole family, your partner, or your peers - here are some options.

 Two-Together - a private workshop for two to make individual boards and to include empowerment coaching.   

Friendship Group - gather a group of friends and take the creative journey together by making individual boards  

Family - ensures everyone's needs are heard and the family rallied together around a common cause

Couple's - the ideal way to ensure both needs are met while providing a focus for the life you desire to create together

Corporate - a team-away day to stimulate creativity. Empowers and motivates the individual while encouraging team engagement

Katherine Woods, Founder and CEO, Meeting Magic Ltd

“I’ve participated in four of Mary’s vision board workshops over the years and held one for my Company. They provide a great creative space in which to reflect and explore what your future has in store."



consultations & talks


consultations & talks



In today’s idiom Feng Shui is the art & science of living mindfully.

The original Chinese translation means ‘wind and water’.

Good Feng Shui will improve the quality of your home and office environment and the well-being of everyone living there, whether they believe in Feng Shui or not.


Feng Shui can help to

  •  Sell a house

  • Set up a new home

  • Improve health

  • Address sleep problems

  • Attract a partner

  • Get pregnant

  • Boost money and wealth

  • Change jobs

It is an ancient, universal practice that has as much validity today as it did thousands of years ago when  it was first documented by the Chinese.  It’s wisdom and potency has been understood cross-culturally including by the Greeks and Romans.

Just like acupuncture removes the blocks which impede the free-flow of energy in the body, the act of rearranging your furniture has a similar beneficial effect.

Feng Shui informs you to make space for new developments. It guides you in how to fabricate your environment so it is aligned to your success and well-being. Tidying up and decluttering is the place to start but alone is not enough. Nature abhors a vacuum.


During a Feng Shui session I assess the quality and quantity of life-force energy (chi) flowing in your living and working space.  I recommend how you can harness it  more effectively to enhance the well-being, creativity and wealth of the home or enterprise. This impacts everyone living under the same roof. 

A site visit is rather like an environmental energy audit and includes:

  • Pre-consultation diagnostic by telephone - to understand the nature of the problem and benchmark outcomes

  • On-site assessment - Feng Shui adjustments and enhancements are made in situ. Further recommendations are provided to be implemented later

  • Post-visit - depending on the size of the property to provide a report and telephone clarification

  • Check and balance - a follow-up visit is recommended to monitor the results and to advise on next steps


The fee is determined by the size of the property and the scale of the project.  

Fees start at £98. Travel expenses are 40p/mile.

Please CONTACT ME to explore further, ask a question or set a date.


"Thank you for your detailed and informative Feng Shui report - and for sending it so promptly.  It was very useful to have before the staff meeting and before our site progress meeting with the builder and the architect who were very interested in it too. 

It has added another dimension to the whole building project, making it more meaningful and somehow bringing it to ‘life’.  It has also raised our awareness to the energy of the enterprise and our intentions for this new location.

It felt like a very creative time we spent together - on site and in discussions before and after your visit. I really appreciated your expertise and in stimulating lots of ideas and taking us in new directions that will benefit the restaurant.”

Sharon, Owner, Greens Restaurant, Padstow


“Within days of taking Mary’s advice and making easy yet significant changes to my relationship area in my home, I met the man of my dreams. Having been single for 9 years, this feels more than a coincidence,. The follow up emails with further insights were really appreciated. "

Helen, Executive Coach, Bucks

“Mary’s skill in Feng Shui helped us to make quick, inexpensive but striking changes, which transformed our home from cool and unapproachable into warm and homely; a place people wanted to purchase. We were overwhelmed with viewings and had a number of offers in quick succession.”

Nicola, Education Advisor, South Wales.


Movement-Art Therapy

for increased connection and aliveness

Movement-Art Therapy

for increased connection and aliveness



Unlock your creativity  further by releasing what's held your body with Movement-Art Therapy. 

Develop embodied self-awareness through organic movement and creative self-expression.  

Marvel at your body’s inherent wisdom and the imaginative way it brings attention to what you're ignoring.  

When you are present in your body, you are less self-consciousness, more confident, have greater freedom of movement - and it calms a busy mind.


This workshop will particularly appeal to well-being professionals - Body Therapists, Psychotherapists, Yoga and Pilates teachers, Counsellors, Coaches, Healers, Artists and Performers - and anyone interested in cultivating a greater connection between the mind and the body.

No dance,  movement or drawing experience is required.  This is not an artistic exercise.

Explore what it’s like to be fully present in the body through the portal of unpremeditated movement.  A journey of self-awareness beyond the intellectual mind to discover the life-force streaming within.

By heightening our awareness of sensation and the subtle flow of prana (or chi), we uncover what may have unconsciously kept us away from the present moment.  What we’ve been holding onto unnecessarily and what can now be released without further thought or ado.


Body-centred warm up exercises to cultivate presence

Expand the range of the expressive body with natural, organic movement

Create a full-size Body Portrait using the active imagination and art therapy

Movement and written dialogue with the material 


Movement-Art Therapy is the basis of the Soul Alive Retreat.  Please enquire about workshops.

Lilli, mother and Homeopath
"Moving with Mindfulness has definitely helped me to connect with the different parts of myself - body, mind and emotions.  I feel I have travelled further along my journey thanks to your inspiring workshops.

Take a look inside the Moving with Mindfulness workshop in the video below.

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Soul Alive Retreat - 18 -25 January 2020

a creative, multi-sensory, well-being retreat in Andalusia with meditation, mindfulness, creative arts and embodied movement

Soul Alive Retreat - 18 -25 January 2020

a creative, multi-sensory, well-being retreat in Andalusia with meditation, mindfulness, creative arts and embodied movement



When too many plates are spinning it's hard to decide which ones to drop. 
Making time for yourself is both a rare luxury and a much needed necessity.  
SOUL ALIVE allows you to take a step back to reassess  your life through creativity, mindfulness and laughter.

You'll be part of a small, confidential group in a safe and nurturing environment.
Everything you need is taken care of, which leaves you free to focus on yourself and enjoy your new friends. 


No telephone, no emails, no internet - unplug, switch off and open up for 7 whole days. 
Get out of the fray and enjoy some quality time in glorious sunshine for reflection.

Slow it down and take a break from technology, your job, the children, your partner.

Relax and explore some beautiful natural landscapes and soak up the local history and culture.

Regroup from an uber-busy lifestyle and declutter a busy mind.

We have the exclusive use of Villa La Pena - a spacious and secluded luxurious property on the southern most tip of the Iberian peninsula. The retreat is fully inclusive with the exception of your return flights.

SOUL ALIVE takes you on a transformational journey.  Expertly-facilitated by Mary Nondé - The Intuitive Coach - to create a safe container while group camaraderie provides you with support and encouragement.


If you've been operating at full throttle, the SOUL ALIVE RETREAT is the time to re-focus your attention inwards and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  This quiet voice can so easily get drowned out in a frantic outer world, yet it's the best barometer you have to gauge your well-being.   Each facilitated movement session, creative arts workshops and daily excursions  designed to awaken your creativity and build on previous discoveries.   


The programme begins in advance of the Retreat to prepare you for the best outcome. The pre-Retreat telephone coaching to help you be mindfully aware of where you're starting from and your best outcomes. 

If you are able to attend the Intuitive Vision Board workshop before the Retreat that's advisable and start to build a bridge between your deepest desires and their manifestation.  If you've made a Vision Board before it doesn't matter because you'll discover what's alive in you presently that you might be ignoring.   You can also opt for post-Retreat coaching to consolidate your discoveries and integrate these insights into your daily life.

TELEPHONE 07827 017188 to explore whether SOUL ALIVE meets your needs. 


We have the exclusive use of Villa La Pena - a spacious and secluded luxury property on the edge of Tarifa.  Nestled between mountain and sea, it enjoys an elevated position with panoramic views over miles of sandy beach. Facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an indoor studio and an outdoor movement platform, and a massage room.


Tarifa itself is an old Andalusian town, both historically and geographically significant, on the southerly tip of Spain.  Here the Mediterranean sea meets the Atlantic, providing a haven for dolphins and whales and a playground for wind and kite surfers.  The area is famous for its abundance of high-quality fresh fish, plentiful fruit and vegetables, and year-round sunshine.

Facing the Straits of Gibraltar, Tarifa looks east towards the Rif Mountains and West to Tangiers in Morocco, which is only a 30-minute ferry journey away.  The daily excursions however are only about a half an hour's drive away from the Villa.


  * Seven nights stay at Villa La Pena
  * Private guest bedroom with en-suite (unless share)
  * 5 movement sessions (optional)
  * 5 creative arts workshops expertly facilitated
  * Daily chauffeur-driven excursions
  * Transfers to and from Gibraltar airport (40 mins away)
  * Full Board - nutritious vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan meals, last meal out in Spanish restaurant
  * Exclusive use of the Villa's pools, studios and gardens


Pre-breakfast - 1-hour  'morning pages' meditation, alone and in silence.

Gentle movement class before breakfast (optional)

Post-breakfast - Sharing dreams and 'morning pages'  3-hour creative arts workshops

Lunch - Healthy meals using fresh ingredients from the garden.

Post-lunch - Excursions of historic, cultural and natural interest.  Some 'homework' set.

Pre-supper - Free-time to take a walk, sit, shower, swim, chat

Supper -Winding down to a delicious meal in the Villa.  

Post-supper - Free-time.  

Conversation - Skill swop.

Night-time - Restorative sleep. Record dreams.


There are recommended flights from the UK with British Airways, Heathrow to Gibraltar, for included transfer to the villa.   


£800 - Shared occupancy with friend or family member £980 - Private room  


"I really enjoyed my time away and appreciated the amount of effort and time Mary gave us.  I came back with a more decisive attitude and I can now see the direction my life is taking.  I'm no longer afraid of what's to come, which had left me in a state of inertia prior.  Mary gave of herself 100%.  She helped me to feel as free as a bird at times and allowed me to tap into the creative side I didn't even know I had.  I was very grateful.”