These explorations will particularly appeal to well-being professionals -  Body Therapists,  Psychotherapists, Teachers of Yoga, Pilates, Counsellors, Coaches, Healers, Artists and Performers -  and anyone interested in cultivating body-mind wholeness.  

I offer both a 2-hour taster workshop and a one-day Somatic Movement & Arts workshop.


Unlock the body's natural wisdom and creativity through natural, organic movement and Somatic Arts Therapy. Marvel at the imaginative ways your body draws attention to what is alive in you and what is calling for more nurturing.   The body is the cradle of the soul.  

Enjoy the feeling of fullness and presence that embodiment brings and the freedom that accompanies Moving with Mindfulness.


  • Expand your range of movement and self-expression through natural, organic movement

  • Create a full-size imaginal 'Body Portrait' using Somatic Art Therapy

  • Depth enquiry using  Carl Jung's 'active imagination' in a safe environment.


No dance, movement or drawing experience required.  

Your investment for the Taster session is £35, including art materials.

For the 1-day workshop it’s £98, including art materials.  

To ask a question you can contact me first . Or book right away below.  

These are precious moments of creativity, connection and discovery. You’ll feel totally relaxed and present in your body afterwards.

“Your Moving with Mindfulness class has definitely helped me to connect with the different parts of myself – body, mind and emotions.  I feel further along my ‘journey’ thanks to your inspiring workshops."  Lilli May, Mother, Homeopath, High Wycombe