“I’ve participated in a couple of Mary’s Vision Board workshops, including one for my Company. The workshops provide a great space to reflect on and explore your future, largely because of Mary’s skill in creating the right environment for this enquiry. My experience is that the Vision Boards have a profound impact that ripples way beyond the workshop itself as I have witnessed my visions played out in my life.  I’m constantly surprised when returning to the images weeks or months later to see what has materialised when it was certainly not on my conscious radar at the time of making the Board.  It’s very surprising and exciting."

Katherine Woods, Founder and CEO, Meeting Magic Ltd

" 3 years ago I went on Mary's Vision Board Workshop. It was timely. I’d made a major turn in my career, determined to work for myself after 25 years of corporate life. I already had my own 'product’ in mind and on the track of building a small web business and experiencing difficult challenges I hadn't imagined.  During the workshop I chose lots of images that encapsulated my dreams, my hopes and fears.  The future path, although not initially clear, began to emerge over the following months. Now my company, an online house-sitting and pet-sitting network, is up and running with customers all over the world. I know that creating the vision board was a catalyst to change and make the dream a reality. It helped me make big decisions so that I could follow my chosen path to fulfil a creative life."

Lamia, Director, HouseSitMatch

"I went on a wonderful Vision Board workshop with Mary Nondé.  Rather than using our rational, thinking brain, Mary helped us connect with our intuitive selves so we could playfully create our Board from our deeper yearning, noticing what images touched or moved us, without needing to analyse or understand why.  The results were very powerful and grounding. I learned as much from obvious themes some of which I've not been making enough time for, as from the unknown ones that are still revealing themselves."  
Caroline Burr, Your Relationship Coach, Eton Wick

“Mary’s skill in Feng Shui helped us to make quick, inexpensive but striking changes, which transformed our home from cool and unapproachable into warm and homely; a place people wanted to purchase.  We were overwhelmed with viewings and had a number of offers in quick succession.  I’m so grateful for Mary’s advice which was simple to implement and secured the best possible price for our house and enabled us to put in an offer on our dream home in Wales."  

Nicola, Education Advisor, South Wales.

“Mary, a really super thank you.  My working space is up and running - a lovely wooden building filled with the energy of goddesses, angels, ascended masters and unicorns from cards I placed between the walls, from crystals under the floorboards, and intentions I set for healing. It looks like a sauna, feels like a haven. And the clients just keep coming…."

Cynthia, No Hands Massage Therapist, Bracknell, Berks

“Thank you very much for the wonderful Vision Board workshop. I enjoyed it immensely, it was so much fun and helped me to realise I am creative!  I am absolutely thrilled with my board. It is hanging on the wall in my office and brings me joy every time I look at it."

Emma, Mother, Henley-upon-Thames

“The Vision Board session was beautifully facilitated and the energy was wonderful.  I showed my board to my husband, who said, "Oh, that's nice with you and your Mom in the centre.  I stared at it and couldn't believe I had not made the connection.  The next morning, I meditated on the board with this new insight and what came out was simply mind-blowing.  The board was all about my own healing and something I hadn’t yet fully addressed or integrated.  There was so much that pointed to this so that I can move on in my life and business, fully empowered.  The sense of relief and connection has been incredible.  And this is just the beginning …"  

Kia, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, High Wycombe

“Mary’s Barefoot Boogie felt like a cross between a great wedding party, a lively Greek restaurant, and a Five Rhythms dance class. Sometimes reassuring and inviting, sometime wild and ridiculous and definitely full of dancing for joy!  I enjoyed the way you gave us permission to connect with others in a playful way through the medium of dance."

Caroline Thompson, Actress & Movement Teacher, London

“Your Moving into Relationship class has definitely helped me to connect with the different parts of myself – body, mind and emotions.  I feel further along my ‘journey’ thanks to the workshops, the Reiki sessions with you, and just having you in my life.  You are very special – and a great teacher, so full of life and joy."  
Lilli May, Mother, Homeopath, High Wycombe

“I made some new discoveries about myself and where I am in life through movement.  I became more aware of the roles I play and what I can focus on for change."  

Doreen Gowing, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Mary is a lovely person and very skilled at what she does.  She provides a safe and creative environment to explore aspects of ourselves through movement and artwork.  I felt so freed up and energised after her workshop and highly recommend it." 

Anne Dade, Life Coach

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to use parts of my mind and body that get forgotten in the hurly burly of life.  This workshop reminded me that you’re never too old to learn or to do something different." 
David Pinnock, Trainer, High Wycombe