About the Intuitive Vision Board workshop

About the Intuitive Vision Board workshop

“I’ve participated in a couple of Mary’s Intuitive Vision Board workshops, including one for my Company. The workshops provide a great space to reflect on and explore your future, largely because of Mary’s skill in creating the right environment for this enquiry. My experience is that vision boards have a profound impact that ripples way beyond the workshop itself as I have witnessed my visions played out in my life.  I’m constantly surprised when returning to the images weeks or months later to see what has materialised when it was certainly not on my conscious radar at the time of making the board.  It’s very surprising and exciting."

Katherine Woods, Founder & CEO, Meeting Magic Ltd

" 3 years ago I went on Mary's Intutive Vision Board Workshop. It was timely. I’d made a major turn in my career, determined to work for myself after 25 years of corporate life. I already had my own 'product’ in mind and on the track to build a small web business but was experiencing difficult challenge.

 During the workshop I chose lots of images that I realised retrospectively encapsulated my dreams, my hopes and fears.  The future path, although not initially clear, began to emerge over the following months.

Now my company,, an online house-sitting and pet-sitting network, is flying with customers all over the world. I know that creating the Intuitive Vision Board was a catalyst to change and making the dream a reality."

Lamia, CEO, HouseSitMatch

"I attended a wonderful Intuitive Vision Board workshop with Mary Nondé.  Rather than using our rational, logical brain, Mary helped us connect with our intuitive selves so we could playfully create our vision board from our deeper yearnings, noticing what images touched moved us, without needing to analyse or understand why.  

“The results were very powerful and grounding. I learned as much from the obvious themes I had been overlooking and not making enough time for, as from the unknown ones that are still revealing themselves."  
Caroline Burr, Your Relationship Coach,

About Feng Shui

About Feng Shui

“Mary’s skill in Feng Shui helped us to make quick, inexpensive but striking changes, which transformed our home from cool and unapproachable into warm and homely; a place people wanted to purchase.  We were overwhelmed with viewings and had a number of offers in quick succession.  I’m so grateful for Mary’s advice which was simple to implement and secured the best possible price for our house and enabled us to put in an offer on our dream home in Wales."  

Nicola, Education Advisor

“Mary, a really super thank you.  My work space is up and running - a lovely wooden building filled with healing energy as a result of the carefully considered placement of furniture and accessories on the walls and under the floorboards, along with the intentions I set for it to be so. It looks like a sauna, feels like a haven. And the clients just keep coming…."

Cynthia, No Hands Massage Therapist,

““Mary’s knowledge and experience of Feng Shui shine through in her one-day Feng Shui workshop. It gave me a lot of inspiring food for thought and was highly practical in its application.  I can already feel the benefits since implementing simple changes in my home – my head is clearer for decision making and several visitors have commented that entering my house feels more peaceful!” 

Emily Wright, Yoga teacher

“Thank you for your detailed and informative Feng Shui report for the restaurant and for sending it so promptly.  It was very useful to have before the staff meeting, and before our site progress meeting - and the architect was really interested in hearing your input too. 

Your visit was timed perfectly to enable us to ‘tweak’ some of the materials we were planning to use to more directly support and strengthen the elemental aspects of the site.  It has also given us a good ‘steer’ for choosing the finishing touches for the restaurant, which will bring everything together in an harmonious whole. 

The Feng Shui process added another vital dimension to the whole building project, making it much more meaningful – and somehow bringing it to ‘life’.  It has also raised our awareness to the energy of, and our intentions for the new home we will additionally build on site and for our ‘new’ business. 

Sharon Whittock, Greens of Padstow

About “Awaken Your Intuitive Vision”

About “Awaken Your Intuitive Vision”

“Awaken Your Intuitive Vision is beautifully written in a warm, engaging and intimate style. The reader is taken on a journey to explore how the unconscious mind works and how it encourages you to live the life you truly want to live. For me personally, attending the Intuitive Vision Board workshop was one of the very best things I could ever have done. Pretty much 90% of my vision board has come true without even trying."

Anabel Rowe, Homemaker Extraordinaire

“This book combines wonderful story-telling with a precisely articulated emergent process to follow. If you’re someone who enjoys plenty of underpinning theory and evidence to explain how and why the Intuitive Vision Board works, you’ll find this too.

This book is a treasure and I anticipate my copy will be much-loved and well-thumbed."

Kenda Gaynham, Senior Facilitator

“This book is powerful and revelatory. It highlighted the unacknowledged path I now wish to tread. For me the book speaks of a deep passion for life and what it represents."  

Karen Cunningham-Walker, Facilities & Administrative Manager

"A delicious read which I pretty much gobbled up in one sitting. I found the book to be a true and thorough account of the visioning workshop I experienced with Mary. And having read the book, I now understand more about why the workshop was so powerful." 

Frances Matthews, Leadership & Development Consultant

“Mary writes with hope, honesty and humour. In her inspirational and informative book, she reveals the power of Intuitive Vision Boards and the intuition and how this particular combination can empower us in times of uncertainty and change. Having attended the workshop too, I know this process and I highly recommend both." 
Mary Fraser, Personal Development Coach