Unlock your creativity  further by releasing what's held your body with Movement-Art Therapy. 

Develop embodied self-awareness through organic movement and creative self-expression.  

Marvel at your body’s inherent wisdom and the imaginative way it brings attention to what you're ignoring.  When you're present in your body, you are less self-consciousness, more confident and you have greater freedom of movement.  It also calms a busy mind.


This workshop will particularly appeal to well-being professionals - Body Therapists, Psychotherapists, Yoga and Pilates teachers, Counsellors, Coaches, Healers, Artists and Performers - and anyone interested in cultivating a greater connection between the mind and the body.

No dance,  movement or drawing experience is required.  This is not an artistic exercise.


Body-centred warm up exercises to cultivate presence

Expand the range of the expressive body with natural, organic movement

Create a full-size Body Portrait using the active imagination and art therapy

Movement and written dialogue with the material 


There are currently no Moving with Mindfulness workshops scheduled.  However, Movement-Art Therapy is the basis of the Soul Alive Retreat. 

Lilli, mother and Homeopath
"Moving with Mindfulness has definitely helped me to connect with the different parts of myself - body, mind and emotions.  I feel I have travelled further along my journey thanks to your inspiring workshops.

Take a look inside the Moving with Mindfulness workshop in the video below.