Unlock your creativity  further by releasing what's held your body with Movement-Art Therapy. 

Develop embodied self-awareness through organic movement and creative self-expression.  

Marvel at your body’s inherent wisdom and the imaginative way it brings attention to what you're ignoring.  When you're present in your body, you are less self-consciousness, more confident and you have greater freedom of movement.  It also calms a busy mind.


This workshop will particularly appeal to well-being professionals - Body Therapists, Psychotherapists, Yoga and Pilates teachers, Counsellors, Coaches, Healers, Artists and Performers - and anyone interested in cultivating a greater connection between the mind and the body.

No dance,  movement or drawing experience is required.  This is not an artistic exercise.

Explore what it’s like to be fully present in the body through the portal of unpremeditated movement.  A journey of self-awareness beyond the intellectual mind to discover the life-force streaming within.

By heightening our awareness of sensation and the subtle flow of prana (or chi), we uncover what may have unconsciously kept us away from the present moment.  What we’ve been holding onto unnecessarily and what can now be released without further thought or ado.


Body-centred warm up exercises to cultivate presence

Expand the range of the expressive body with natural, organic movement

Create a full-size Body Portrait using the active imagination and art therapy

Movement and written dialogue with the material 


There are currently no Moving with Mindfulness workshops scheduled.  However, Movement-Art Therapy is the basis of the Soul Alive Retreat. 

Lilli, mother and Homeopath
"Moving with Mindfulness has definitely helped me to connect with the different parts of myself - body, mind and emotions.  I feel I have travelled further along my journey thanks to your inspiring workshops.

Take a look inside the Moving with Mindfulness workshop in the video below.