7 - 13 June 2017 - full

6 - 12 June 2018 - places currently available

Personal, Creative, Life-changing.  Small group, safe environment

Take time-out just for you.  No calls, no emails, no internet.  I'm not forbidding them but I am encouraging you to unplug for 6 days.

With too many plates spinning, it's time to decide which ones to drop, if any.  This is the opportunity to re-imagine your life from the grass roots upwards through embodiment and creativity.

Get out of the fray and enjoy some quality time to yourself in the sunshine to reflect on where you are in your world.
Slow it all down and take a break from your mobile, your job, your children, your partner to de-frazzle your busy mind .
Relax and explore some beautiful places, tasting the local wines and regional cuisine.
Regroup and rejuvenate from an uber-busy lifestyle.

The SOUL ALIVE Retreat is an expertly-facilitated exploration bringing you both serenity and inspiration.  My role is to create the 'safe container' to allow your depth enquiry to happen, gently and effortlessly you help you get the clarity you need. 

I'll be your confidential sounding board to support you in moving forward with motivation and confidence.

The retreat is fully inclusive.  That's full-board (which includes a meal out each day) in your own en-suite room plus a daily excursion and transfers to and from the Toulouse airport.

A 6-day escape and more ....
 If you've been operating at full throttle, the Soul Alive Retreat is the time to focus your attention inwards and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  This quiet voice can so easily get drowned in a frantic world, yet it's the best barometer you have for gauging well-being.  

Tuning into its wisdom becomes the priority on Soul Alive, with each facilitated activity designed to awaken your creativity further and build on the previous discoveries.  

The programme begins in advance of the French Retreat to prime you for success with a pre-Retreat telephone consultation. 

You can also opt for the upgrade and create a Vision Board too - your 'big picture', your overview - and start to build a bridge between your deepest desires and their manifestation.  It doesn't matter if you've made a Vision Board before because the value is to discover what's alive in you in this moment.   

This transformational journey of self-discovery can continue after your return from France.  If you opt for the post-coaching session, this can help you consolidate your discoveries and integrate the insights into your daily life.

Please call me to have a conversation or to arrange to meet if it's practical.  Because we're a small exclusive group, it's very important for us to have the right mix of people.  A pre-booking conversation with me is helpful to make sure the retreat meets your needs.  

Mary Nondé, Somatic Arts Psychotherapist 📞07827 017188  

To request a brochure about the Soul Alive Retreat please click here.


This 14th century property is nestled in the heart of the medieval village of Vieux, South West France, an area renown for its wine and its enchanting scenery. The unique charm of this region lies in its notable nod to an historic past which began with the Cathars.   Small hidden towns and villages are home to ancient villas, churches and restaurants. This is a very gentle part of the world  and a wonderful place for an escape while leaving the pressure and speed of everyday life behind.


* Six-day stay at the charming villa, Le Presbytere with each guest having their own bedroom and en-suite.
* Retreat facilitation, plus before and after coaching
* Transfers to and from Toulouse airport to the villa (45 mins away)
* Full Board - Continental breakfast with a difference, lunch in a local restaurant and homemade supper
* Exclusive use of the villa's swimming pool and gardens
* The activities below:  'A day in the life of the Soul Alive Retreat'

1-hour mindfulness and 'morning pages' meditation, alone and in silence
Time to exercise before breakfast
Sharing dreams and imagery emerging from 'morning pages'  
2-3 hour creative play though Somatic Arts enquiry.  Each day is different.
In local restaurants offering a good sampling of Tarn cuisine and Gaillac wines. Or dining chez nous in the villa.
Excursions to a variety of towns, villages and landscapes.  Some fun 'homework' is set during these visits.
Free-time to take a walk, sit, ponder and chat
Dining out to enjoy the sunset from a viewpoint.  Or winding down to a delicious meal in the villa
Free-time.  Engaging conversation.  Skill share (Reiki, massage, etc)
Restorative sleep. This wooden-shuttered property keeps out the heat and light.  Record dreams.

There are very affordable direct flights (not included) from all over the UK, including Heathrow (BA), Gatwick (EasyJet) and Stansted (Ryan Air).

£1500 - Shared occupancy with en-suite
£1700 - Single room occupancy with en-suite  

To request full details of the Soul Alive Retreat write to me here.

I look forward to sharing 6 days of fun, creativity and learning with you. We fly home on the seventh day!