The SOUL ALIVE Retreat - Tarifa, Southern Spain

17th - 24th November 2018

Creative, tranquil, life-changing  

With too many plates spinning how to decide which ones to drop?   

SOUL ALIVE allows you to step back and reassess  your life through creativity, mindfulness and having a good laugh.

You'll be part of a small, confidential group in a safe and nurturing environment.

Everything you need is taken care of, which leaves you free to focus on yourself and your new friends. 

No telephone, no emails, no internet - unplug, switch off and open up for 7 whole days. 

Making time for yourself is both a rare luxury, a much needed necessity and a good choice.

Get out of the fray and enjoy some quality time in the glorious sunshine to reflect on where you are through creative process.
Slow it all down and take a break from technology, your job, the children, your partner and de-clutter your busy mind .
Relax and explore some beautiful natural landscapes and soak up the local history and culture.
Regroup and rejuvenate from an uber-busy lifestyle.

The SOUL ALIVE Retreat is an expertly-facilitated transformational journey to bring you inspiration, serenity and adventure.  I there as your sounding board and create a safe container while the group camaraderie is there to support and encourage you too.

We have the exclusive use of Villa La Pena - a spacious and secluded luxurious property in the southern most tip of the Iberian peninsula. The retreat is fully inclusive besides your return flights with British Airways to Gibraltar.

A 7-day escape and more ....
 If you've been operating at full throttle, the SOUL ALIVE Retreat is the time to re-focus your attention inwards and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  This quiet voice can so easily get squeezed out in a frantic outer world, yet it's the best barometer you have to gauge your well-being.  Tuning into its wisdom becomes the top priority on SOUL ALIVE.  Each facilitated workshop and daily excursion is designed to awaken your creativity further and build on previous discoveries.   

The programme begins in advance of the Retreat to prepare you for the best outcome. The pre-Retreat telephone consultation helps you be mindfully aware of where you're starting out from and the context in which your creative exploration will take place. 

It's recommended you attend a Vision Board Workshop before the Retreat to help give you the big picture.  It will also start to build a bridge between your deepest desires and their manifestation.  If you've made a Vision Board it doesn't matter because its value is to discover what's alive in you in presently and calling for your attention you might well be ignoring.   

You can also opt for post-Retreat coaching to consolidate your discoveries and integrate these insights into your daily life.

Please telephone 07827 017188  or contact me to explore whether SOUL ALIVE will meet your needs and to book your place.  I will arrange to get the group together beforehand if it's practical and people would like it.   


We have the exclusive use of Villa La Pena - a spacious and secluded luxury property on the edge of Tarifa.  Nestled between mountain and sea, it enjoys an elevated position with panoramic views over miles of sandy beach.   Facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an indoor studio and an outdoor movement platform, and a massage room.

Tarifa itself is an old Andalusian town, both historically and geographically significant, on the southerly tip of Spain.  Here the Mediterranean sea meets the Atlantic, providing a haven for dolphins and whales and a playground for wind and kite surfers.  The area is famous for its abundance of high quality fresh fish, plentiful fruit and vegetables and the year-round sunshine.

Facing the Straits of Gibraltar, Tarifa looks east towards the Rif Mountains and West to Tangiers in Morocco, only a 30-minute ferry journey away.  However, the excursions we have planned each day are only about a half an hour's drive from the Villa.


* Seven nights stay at Villa La Pena
* Each guest has their own bedroom with en-suite unless they've elected to share.
* 6 creative workshops expertly facilitated
* Transfers to and from Gibraltar airport (40 mins away)
* Full Board - nutritious meals prepared by professional chef, last meal out in Spanish restaurant
*  Daily chauffeur-driven excursions
* Exclusive use of the Villa's pools, studios and splendid gardens


1-hour  'morning pages' meditation, alone and in silence
Gentle movement class before breakfast (optional)
Sharing dreams and imagery emerging from 'morning pages'  
3-hour creative workshop and somatic arts enquiry.  Each day is different.
Healthy and nutritious meals prepared in the villa to take advantage of fresh ingredients from the garden.
Excursions of historic, cultural and natural interest.  Some fun 'homework' is set for these visits.
Free-time to take a walk, sit, shower, swim or and chat
Winding down to a delicious meal in the Villa.  
Free-time.  Conversation.  Skill swop.
Restorative sleep. The property is in a tranquil setting.  Record dreams.


The recommended flights are with British Airways from Heathrow to Gibraltar to meet the airport transfer to the villa.  Flight details will be provided. 


£1500 - Shared occupancy with friend or family member
£1700 - Private room  

To request further details of the Soul Alive Retreat write to me here.

I look forward to sharing seven days of fun, creativity and discovery with you. 

"I really enjoyed my time away and appreciated the amount of effort and time Mary gave us.  I came back with a more decisive attitude and I can now see the direction my life is taking.  I'm no longer afraid of what's to come, which had left me in a state of inertia prior.  Mary gave of herself 100%.  She helped me to feel as free as a bird at times and allowed me to tap into the creative side I didn't even know I had.  I was very grateful."