A picture speaks a thousands words.  When Beth attended the Intuitive Vision Board workshop she’d been having relationship problems.  Not that I knew any of this at the time.  It only emerged during our in-depth exploration a few weeks later that she and her husband were wondering whether they still belonged together.   

Consequently Beth hadn't set out to find a solution during the Intuitive Vision Board workshop. However, what emerged quite naturally during the creative process achieved just that. The images working below the surface of the conscious mind, constellated a shift in their relationship which took it in a new direction, without fuss or effort.  

Here's Beth’s story, told with candour and courage.

The power of vulnerability.  “I want to share with you the magic of being open about who you are and the power of creating a vision that conveys how you want to feel.   I attended a beautifully facilitated Vision Board Workshop courtesy of Mary Nondé (www.marynonde.com).

Mary has a superb knack for creating a space where you can get out of your head and into your heart - and to capture what your heart's intentions are without you even needing to consciously realise it.  My motto last year was 'Love Led, heart before head, and stop to smell the roses'.  So, I figured it was a perfect way to spend half a day in a creative group with other heart-led enthusiasts.”

“Time flies when you're in the flow...".  "And it flew by in a flash.  One minute we were drinking tea upon arrival. Then, as if by magic, BOOM, I stood face to face with my vision board.  So in the zone was I that I hadn't been conscious about where I was or what I was sticking down or what the whole picture looked like.  When I stood back from it, it took my breath away.  I felt happy and excited.  

I loved the vibrant colours, the beautiful images, the stirring emotions. Yet I felt a little exposed, a little scared too.  I knew exactly why.  Slap bang in the middle of the picture was an image of a man and woman with the words 'Open Up' and 'Love' layered across it.  The couple looked close, intimate even.  In that moment I realised this image revealed a yearning of my heart that I’d not confronted yet was at the centre of my world at that moment in time." 

"My husband and I yearned to return to the openness and closeness we’d had in the beginning."  It scared me to admit this to myself in the wake of seeing that image that we'd lost our connection.  I knew also I wasn't being open about how I felt with him.”

“We'd been in a funny place for a while.  I'd been in a period of career change and transformation and somewhere along the way, we'd lost our spark and togetherness.  He was open about feeling I wasn't the person he’d married and wasn't sure he would continue to like the person I was becoming.  I felt rejected by him.  I felt I wasn't welcome at home and flitted between trying to prove my worth and clinging on to 'us" as an unconscious mechanism to 'protect' my heart.  For his part ne needed to fall in love with me all over again and to know I was as interested in him as the personal journey I was undertaking." 

“Looking at my Intuitive Vision Board the resolution hit me in a flash".  I suddenly realised my husband was at the centre of my Vision Board.  It was always him I wanted. I wanted to let go of the struggle to have him accept me and instead focus on feeling love for us both as we opened up to the possibility of re-connection.  I had no idea if he would want the same but I was all for being vulnerable and trusting my heart would lead me so I took the board home and showed it to him."

"I found myself uttering these words: 'It may not feel like it, but you are at the centre of my world and I don't think I realised this until today."  He didn't say a word.  I didn't need him to. I'd softened.  He'd softened - I could see it in his eyes.  

"When I asked him later how he'd felt in that moment he said it made him feel squidgy in his tummy!” I can't say it was that precise moment which transformed our relationship but I can say our relationship is unrecognisable compared to what it was and I am so grateful for that."

"From that day we removed our armour."  "We talked.  Really  talked.  We laid our souls bare and in so doing rediscovered our connection and felt the love that was there all along, waiting for us to notice it again.”

“Just the other day an image popped up on my Facebook feed and it hit me hard in the heart.  It spoke exactly of the dynamic we had since created and the vulnerability it took to get there.  And not just that.  I reached for my vision board and there in the centre, was an image so similar to mine it made me laugh out loud.  I immediately reached out to my husband to let him know how happy I was and that there was nowhere else I would rather be.  My heart had led me back exactly where I belonged.”

Are you interested in creating alchemy by making your own Vision Board?  The drop me an email mary@marynonde.com or use the sign up facility below.

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