Mostly for the money.  Big Magic is the latest book by best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” re-known.  She talks about the universal struggle to be authentic and inspired by life and how challenging it is to find the courage to create a life of your chosing. Too many it would seem get stuck in jobs, situations and relationships which are not fulfilling and where they are just going through the motions - mostly for the money. 

It's surprising to hear this yet makes me all the more passionate about helping people unlock their creative potential and get out of their own closet by making a Vision Board.

How many people do you know are really real and unafraid to design design their lives around their values and what they love.   It's challenging to do so with outside pressure on you to abide by the social measures of success. I struggled with this a long time.  The resistance you encounter will either crush you or enable you to become stronger, more resilient, more conscious. You always have a choice. 

Living inside your own face.  I believe there has never been a more important time to choose to live inside your own face, channelling your creative energy into accentuating your unique and beautiful qualities. So much time is wasted trying to model a life on others’ standards, deemed to be more gorgeous than yours, when it can never be as promising as your own blueprint. 

Most people reading this are wealthy and privileged in comparison to many of our global kin.  Yet we still get caught backing the wrong horse when we'd do better to be backing our own. I'd go as to say it's imperative that we take responsibility for this now because the future of our planet depends on it.

'Hello' inner guidance!  One delightful and full-proof way to tune into what’s unique and special about you - your gift, your calling, your passion and purpose - is to make a Vision Board.  When you're disconnected from your inner guidance, led astray by an over-busy lifestyle, it’s too easy to fall prey to other people’s definitions of success and overlook what truly enriches you.  Women in particular are pulled in many different directions and often don’t feel we have the right to ourselves until we’ve satisfied the needs of those we love first.  I definitely not advocating swinging over to selfishness; I am advocating finding the balance.  By making a Vision Board in an intuitive way you re-connect to the core of yourself and the soul's calling.

Encouraging magic.  It's important to stay tuned for the signs of the life that wants to be lived through you.  You can miss these sometimes subtle cues when your life is too full of content. Making a Vision Board allocates a special time for you to tune in. 

But don't expect to know what the whole game plan for your life is in advance.  It's most likely you've been taught the opposite - to decide what it is you want in advance and then pursue it relentlessly, showing your ‘workings’ in the process and irrespective of who you tread on or leave behind in the process.  Where's the humanity in this rodent-type behaviour?

If like most of us your strategic, rational mind controls your moves until you are mindful of this yet they say it only accounts for 5-8% of our intelligence.  The magic that Elizabeth Gilbert writes about can only occur when you awaken and engage with the remaining 90% of your unconscious intelligence to enjoy a more balanced life.

Slowing down.  The best way to start is to slow things down, shifting from beta to alpha brainwave state.  That way you'll be more receptive to the inklings, impressions, hunches that are hovering just below the tip of everyday consciousness – and which can appear on a Vision Board when you relax your control of your mind. 

As you allow these insights to surface and to stir you into action, you can surf the life-force energy that accompanies them.  That’s how you get into flow and magic happens.

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