Interview with Melissa Matthews, Design Director at 

Dream home, bad vibes. 

“When we moved into our dream home on the ‘right side of town’, my first thought was: “Have we bought the right house?”   I spent the first 18 months agonising over it and constantly moving furniture around to get the energy to flow right.  We’d spent a fortune acquiring the house and I imagined having to spend a fortune getting it fixed.   I remember seeing a programme on overweight people where they bleeped a device every time they had a negative thought.  If I’d had such a device, I’d have been setting it off all the time because I felt so bad about the house!   I wondered if I was going to break it to my husband that we’d have to move again.”

“Then by chance we started working with Mary on her branding and website.  My business partner had a quiet word with her and asked if she could help me because I was close to meltdown.  We’d started the business about the same time as I’d moved house, so everything I was going through was impacting on her too.”

Removing the blocks to the energy flowing. 

“Talking it through with Mary helped me enormously in three ways.  Firstly, as a professional Feng Shui consultant, she understood exactly what I was going through – and why.  I felt validated and it was such a relief not to have to believe I was an ungrateful, crazy woman anymore.  Secondly, Mary confirmed the blocks to the flow of energy that I’d felt – and more besides – so we quickly moved on to potential solutions, including taking a wall down and some significant work in the garden.  Thirdly, we rearranged the lounge immediately so that for the first time in 18 months, I felt that the furniture was in the right place even if it wasn’t exactly the furniture we wanted long-term.”

Husband on board.

“I hadn’t appreciated how much my husband knew the house had been getting to me; I thought I was hiding it!  But he took Mary to one side during the first consultation and impressed on her how important it was that they got it sorted out.  The Vision Board I made at Mary’s workshop also helped him to see the ‘big picture’ I had in mind and he liked it very much.   Even though I hadn’t consciously set out to re-create my home on the Vision Board, as it transpired my vision was all about the house we were currently in and not about moving to another, which was reassuring at least.”

Dad on board

It’s funny how this energy thing works.  My Dad is a builder and he too picked up on the important shifts taking place in our home and rocked up one morning saying:  “I’m here to take a wall down” – and he did!  With the wall gone, it encouraged me even further to clear, clear, clear. And what a huge difference it’s made.  As I stand inside my front entrance, seeing it through Mary’s eyes, I can feel how the chi now had a clear route to meander like a river, connecting all the downstairs rooms in a coherent whole.  And I’m appreciating this now from a lovely empty hallway that was once log-jammed with stuff, and was a priority to clear during Mary’s first visit.

Children on board

“Now the whole family are onto Feng Shui and Decluttering.  Having watched me lug furniture around for so long, I caught my eldest (9) stuck in a doorway recently calling out: “Mummy, help!   I need to move this out of my room.”  Between us we’ve now released about a third of the contents of the house, including a whole load of toys.  With only a tiny bit to go, I feel we’ll be complete in time for my 40th birthday.  It’s such a relief.  The house feels transformed and I feel SO different about myself and my relationship with it.  The timing is perfect too with regards to the business, which is all set to take off beautifully, with my creative energy now free to focus on what’s needed there and not be distracted by events back home. “

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