Before: on MF’s vision board

Before: on MF’s vision board

After: manifesting Waterberg, S.Africa

After: manifesting Waterberg, S.Africa


When MF came to make this vision board she was in personal transition and flux, which was playing out in her family life too.   She knew it was time to stop doing once again and re-evaluate where she was heading.  Rather than make a vision board on her own as she’d historically done, dragging the family along with its content afterwards, she wanted them all to play a part in creating the next chapter of life they hoped to share together.  I took the Intuitive Vision Board workshop to their home so they could make a board together. This is what transpired though MF’s eyes. 

“My first vision board with Mary was a personal prophecy about returning to my feminine self; switching off the corporate superwoman who had created a very successful business and switching on the yogi, the vegan, the healer.  I was desperate to shed the bread-winning, decision-making mantle and become a woman ready to receive. “

“It was not an easy transition; it took time and there were moments when I felt very lost.  Besides we were in a difficult place as a couple after 24 years together while my relationship with my sister was challenging too.  Losing both parents within six months of one another, in very painful circumstances, had left me in a vulnerable place.  It was altogether a heart-rendering time.”


“The idea of making a vision board together initially met with resistance from both my son (age 12) and my husband. But I persevered because I believed it was important for us.  I had no idea what would come from it but I trusted Mary to create a safe space and her gentle shepherding through the process would give us what we needed to express our innermost desires. 

Surprisingly, my husband who’d been very reluctant at first, became totally immersed in the process and took great pains to place his images intricately into the whole. 

“He also took on the self-appointed role of policing our activity to ensure we each had equal opportunity to be heard.” 

“Creating the vision board together was no effort at all; no friction, no dispute.  I can’t say at all who put what on where, it just happened.  What was extraordinary to me was that with three of us choosing the images independently - and in silence – that a consistent 3-part theme emerged between us: the desire for closeness, family time together, and to travel in the big outdoors.” 


“In the early weeks after creating our family road-map, I’d look at our board and think: nothing’s happening!  But then I reminded myself that 6-months elapsed before I saw any action on my personal vision board.  The first sign of life was when I found a yoga practitioner in the US I liked and connected up with her online.  She’d just returned from South America with a beautiful stripy rug just like the one on my board. We’re moving in the right direction I felt.” 

“I’d been very privileged to be in travel marketing for 30 years, yet we’d done very little travel of late since I was no longer bringing in a regular corporate salary.  We had no plans ahead and nothing in the diary, yet all over our vision board there were inspiring worldwide destinations we had all chosen.  I’d just received my first travel writing commission around the time of making the family board and that was for a  short haul trip - and solo.”  

A complete transformation

“But after six months living with the board everything changed. In the following year the opportunities to write and to travel came thick and fast. It was mind-blowing - and it didn’t escape the notice of either my son or my husband.”

 “In hindsight what started out as a beautiful pictorial vision of places and experiences we aspired to, I can honestly say we did most of them within 18 months. 


My love of travel – or should I say our love of travel – was well and truly re-ignited and shared.  As if that wasn’t enough, one of the travel articles I wrote got picked up by a TV broadcaster who approached me to set up a new travel programme.

The monthly programme will run across a network of 27 stations in the UK and reach 6.4m adults a month.  Not only did creating our vision board together reunite and inspire us as a family,  I hope it will now inspire millions of other people to visit places they may never have dreamed possible.  All because we committed to spending the afternoon together and were willing  to listen to what our hearts desired.”  

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