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I asked for feedback at a recent workshop and this is what Helena gave me.  You may relate to this if you’ve made an Intuitive Vision Board with me before. If not it will give you a jolly good insight into what to expect. 

Helena is describing what is was like to switch off her logical left-brain and switch on her super-creative right-brain to make her Intuitive Vision Board. 

 While she admits her intuitive ability isn’t up to much, she found it awakened automatically during the five-hour workshop.  The right-brain needs time to function well and doesn’t like to be cajoled into action.  That’s why I insist on going through a sequence of carefully- crafted exercises in preparation for making the board itself because

  •  they are a full proof way to dive into the collective unconscious and super-conscious for original insights and inspiration. 

  • I don’t trust the left-brain to stay out of the way without them!

  • “No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. “  Heraclitus. 

     No matter how many times you follow this sequence, each time it will be different and you will have a surprisingly new outcome - all of which is rich information for you in bringing your vision to fruition.

Helena’s description of her journey …

‘Overall it was quite hard for me to get into my ‘right brain’.  It’s definitely not my usual place to operate from.’

This is true for many of us.  We don’t realise how much our left-brain rules our decision-making and dominates our life until we consciously exercise control over it (by distracting it) and allow the right-brain the chance to take the lead.

‘The guided, seated body meditation was lovely but I almost fell asleep sat up on the chair.’

Too many of us are living on adrenalin.  When you give yourself permission to sit down, close your eyes and stop thinking to embark on this guided journey through the body, not surprisingly you can feel sleepy.  It only goes to show how much rest you actually need and are short of.

 ‘When you asked us to name a creature, a colour, and what it was doing without thinking about it beforehand, I was amazed by what I came up with.’ 

Your intuition will function spontaneously when your mind is calm and your body is still.  That’s why this exercise follows straight on after the meditation.   It also proves what appears at first to have randomly popped into your head, is actually an important piece of information for you when explore the significance further.

 It makes you wonder.  If accessing our intuition is as easy and as valuable why don’t we do it more often. 

‘With the blind-folded trust-walk outdoors I was pleased to find I tuned into my other senses.  But my partner said she didn’t like the way I held her arm.  While I didn’t feel she’d given me enough time to get used to walking blindfolded before we started sampling things.’

Besides the sheer deliciousness of this sensory experience, there is so much for you both to discover about your ability to be both a leader and a follower.  Moreover, you’ll learn just how awake your sense of proprioception is and how tuned into body language you are because the exercise takes place in silence and the communication is through touch.

 ‘The placement of objects into a creative installation was fascinating and it was intriguing to hear everyone’s reasons for positioning themselves where they did in the installation at the end.’

No matter how many times you do this exercise, if you bring your whole undivided self to it each time, you will always observe yourself responding in a different way.  This is what embodiment is all about; being in the body and not living from the mind. 

Besides, along with the others in the group, you are creating a gestalt – which is highly intelligent and organised field of information with specific properties that belong together and where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  All this created without anyone doling out verbal instructions.  It’s very powerful to see what emerges.

 ‘Going through the magazines for pictures, I had an internal struggle going on as to whether my right-brain was choosing for me (as you’d briefed) or my left-brain had taken over.’

This whole workshop can be likened to a creative meditation.  As with any meditation, thoughts likes these will come and go like passing clouds.  When they show up, you’ll observe them and then let them keep pass by while you return to what you were doing, idly flicking through the magazines until something catches your attention – a colour, a shape, a texture.  If you stop at any point to figure out why you have chosen the pictures you have, your left-brain will be on the scene again and you need to allow those clouds to keep moving. 

 ‘When we came to place the pictures on the board, my judgemental mind was working overtime, wondering what the point of it all was and was I putting the images in the right place.’

This is quite common.  Your logical left-brain is so accustomed to being in charge of what happens next, it will want to take back the reins.  It’s enough for you to observe this happening without allowing it to bend your ear.  Your job is keep moving the pictures around on your board (as you did with the objects in the creative installation, in a non-thinking way), until it feels like you’ve found the right place for them, without needing to know why.

 ‘Once I got to sticking the pictures down on the board I’d manage to free myself of judgement and it all became easier.  I was very absorbed for the entire workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I do like my board, although I’m already questioning whether it’s a bit self-indulgent!

You have to chuckle.  Right up until the eleventh hour the left-brain, inner critic, will attempt to undermine your creative efforts because it fears losing supremacy  The irony is,  the more uncomfortable you make it feels, the more likely you are to have projected a significant breakthrough onto your board, which can also change the course of your life.  Good for you.


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