Have you noticed that when you’re facing adversity or there are difficult decisions to be made, the usual thought-processing you rely upon can get muddled by emotion or, worse still, stop functioning altogether. That’s because adversity defeats logic.

 When you are anxious, afraid or sad, you literally can’t think straight and it’s impossible to obtain the clarity you need.  

If it’s a complex problem with many parameters that won’t rally together nicely to exit single file out of the corral, they can instead scatter your attention all over the place.  Certainly this has been my experience.

 Furthermore if your current attitude or behaviour has contributed to your arriving at this particular crossroads then you won’t find it that easy to disentangle your thinking long enough to reach a new and different perspective, especially while you are still in it.

Your thoughts will go around in circles while your head spins upon its axis.

 One of three things can happen next in the absence of a healthy alternative.

 1. You either react by flying into over-activity, throwing everything you’ve got at the situation in the hope that something good will come of it.

 2. You pull a paper bag over your head and do nothing at all, hoping the situation will miraculously disappear by the time you remove it.

 3. To mask how vulnerable you’re actually feeling, you might also have recourse to the cocktail of avoidance tricks we’re all familiar with: overeating, drinking, drugs (prescriptive and non-prescriptive), TV, internet, shopping - you name it…

My particular form of coping, which I only recognised with hindsight, was to remain in a co-dependent relationship years longer than I should have, hoping it would get better.

 It is a precarious moment when your heart breaks and hangs by a thread. Or you’re down on your luck and mightily confused. There is a risk this can crush your spirit too, which is why you must give yourself something spiritually uplifting to do.

 Paradoxically, it’s in these moments of intense fragility that both the heart and mind can break free of limitation and convention and are at liberty to have new adventures; what is there to lose?

 This is not to minimise the challenges still to be dealt with or the decisions yet to be taken, but to encourage you to engage with creative alternatives, which have their foundations in a new reality, as yet sketchy and unclear.  

 Making an Intuitive Vision Board is the method I prescribe.  It’s achievable by anyone who can use a pair of scissors and a Pritt stick.  It’s a healthy alternative to procrastination in providing a creative outlet for the life force that still wants to flow through you, even when the outer structures of your life want to fall – or have already fallen – away.

 The difference between using the Intuitive Vision Board to enable this and many other personal development tools is that you are NOT required to think up the answers. The answers are coming to you effortlessly, as my new book seeks to explain.

 This article is an excerpt from – Awaken Your Intuitive Vision.  To read more you can obtain a signed copy directly from me here.   Or Order on Amazon here.