See the man wearing the DJ in the picture?  And the woman next to him in the yellow dress? I figure she's me because I have earrings just like that while the couple are pasted together in the top right-hand corner of my intuitive vision board – also known as the Love & Marriage house in Feng Shui.

 Now for the gem of an outcome.  He’s showed up in my life too. And guess what he was wearing on our first encounter?  A DJ of course!

 When did this happen?  Eight days after my book Awaken Your Intuitive Vision was launched.  My reward for good effort I reckon.  It was his first day on Bumble (a free dating app which gives the woman the advantage) and I was his very first siting.

 Swift work, Mr Bond.  Lovely synchronicity, Universe.

I call him Mr Bond because he’s quite smooth.  Although to be honest I wouldn’t deliberately have gone looking for a man in a DJ.

 But hey, these are the rules of intuitive visioning.  I don’t get to decide what it is I want.  I am intuitively guided to what I need most by an intelligence far greater than mine alone, which I accessed with my intuition.  And clearly I needed to meet a suit.

 Mr Bond, on the other hand, had placed a ‘cosmic order’ for a tall, wealthy blonde who lived in a stone cottage next to a village pub within five miles of Oxford.

Blimey Mr Bond, your targeting was a bit off.  Maybe it’s worth making an intuitive vision board next time.

 In the words of Piotinus ... "The stars are the letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky.  Everything in the world is full of signs.  All events are co-ordinated.  All things depend on each other.  Everything breathes together." 

So if romance is on the cards for you, it will certainly appear on your Intuitive Vision Board.  Join me at the Intuitive Vision Board workshop to explore who's out there.

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