Fun, surprising and life-changing - in equal measure

When you’ve run out of things to do as a family consider making a vision board together for entertainment of value and longevity.

 Each member will have the space to explore their hopes and dreams on their own intuitive vision board before joining together to create a joint vision, which represents and ignites the whole.

 This isn't an arts and crafts exercise.  It’s a potent psycho-therapeutic activity that draws the family in around the life you desire to share.


Because everyone contributes everyone benefits

You may have created a vision board before; taken some time out to re-evaluate where you’ve come adrift from your true nature.  Was it an intuitive vision board because that’s what we’re talking about here?

 This time we’re going to dip below the radar of your intellect that’s usually in charge of deciding what’s best for you and allow your intuition a say in the manifestation agenda.  It’s much more potent and surprising this way and will lead you to pastures new you’ve not dreamed of before.

 Also this time around, rather than make the vision board on your own and coax the family into it, each big and little person has the opportunity to make their unique contribution to the next chapter.


Benefits of the family vision board

Some of the special treats this creative activity brings:

  • Invest in the future prospects of each member

  • Align the individual's needs with the common good

  • Support children in making good academic choices

  • Encourage adults to stay true to their purpose

  • Foster harmony and reduce dissension

  • Create a bond of love, and a sense of belonging

  • Provide an outlet for anxiety and depression

  • Celebrate your shared values


 On creating a family road map, one mother reports ....

“Creating the intuitive vision board together was no effort at all: no friction, no dispute.  Neither can I say who put what where on the board; it just happened.”

 “What was extraordinary to me was that with three of us choosing the images independently – and in silence – a consistent theme in three parts still emerged: the desire for more closeness; to create more family time together; and to travel and explore the big outdoors.”


The outcome of her family's vision board…

“In the early weeks after creating our family vision board nothing much seemed to happen.  But I reminded myself how six months elapsed before I saw action on my personal vision board.  As if on cue, after six months of living with the family board everything changed.”

 “In the following year the opportunities for me to write and the family to travel came thick and fast.  It took us to the most outlandish, natural places all over the world.  In hindsight what started out as a beautiful pictorial vision of places and experiences we aspired to, I can honestly say we’d enjoyed most of them within the next 18 months.”


Greater than the sum of your parts

The aim of this fascinating exercise is not to create synthesis or a convergence of ideas, although this may happen naturally.  A family vision board is more about allowing the idiosyncrasies of each member to be expressed - and witnessed - so the family unit is strengthened through openness and sharing.

 The finished board then acts like a beacon: a constant reminder of your shared vision, especially when proudly displayed where the family come together – to eat or share desk space for example.


Your leader, your lead

I’m the author of ‘Awaken Your Intuitive Vision - unlocking possibilities you never knew existed” and I’ve been working with intuitive vision boards for the past 10 years.  I know a thing or two about how to unlock the potential in people, groups and circumstances by using the intuition, not the intellect.

Here’s how this day will go.

First, I’ll have each member make an individual vision board.  That way everyone is familiar with the process and gains confidence in their creative intuitive ability before embarking on the family board.

You’ll need a whole day for this 2-part workshop with a few hours off in between.  In the break I recommend you have lunch and pursue some natural activity together like a walk in the woods or a boat on the river.

The optimum group size is 6 – and this can include grandparents too.  I’ve had a four-year old make a beautiful vision board because she could handle a pair of scissors and Pritt stick on her own.  My oldest senior to date was 77 years old.

 The price for this uplifting family event works out about £120 a head/per day and includes art materials and expert coaching facilitation and containment.  And a little extra on top for travel expenses depending on where you are.

 What you co-create on this special day represents an investment in the harmonious development of family life for the 12-18 months ahead. It's got to be worth it.

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