I have a question for those of you who’ve already had the experience of creating a vision board to explore what their destiny might have in store.  And listen up newbies as to what can happen on these fortuitous occasions. 


What have you thought no more about since you created your vision board?  That’s my question.  It’s especially pertinent if you used your intuition to create your vision board, which I’m a trail blazer for, as opposed to your cognition.  Using the former produces a radically different outcome to planning it out using the intellect. 

Your intuition is smart you know.  It doesn’t just have you plonk down images for the sake of it.  You were accessing the broad reach of your right brain when you made your vision board collage intuitively.  The pictures that emerged in front of you are a bridge between your conscious mind and unconscious realities yet to take form. If you haven’t looked at your board in a while you may discover something there that’s quite revelatory. Go and see.

 As Carl Jung, the genius Psychotherapist stated: “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.” 

And just think.  You won’t have to consult a psychic anymore; you can tune into the potential already hovering around you, waiting for you to reach out and grasp it, because you’ve called it down onto your intuitive vision board.  Here’s where you’ll find what your real priorities are.  Here’s where you can seek guidance beyond the confines of what you’ve already dreamed up already.   

Sally came to my workshop for the first time.  She’s very excited to share her findings with us.  It may prompt you to revisit your own vision board again with a fresh pair of eyes.


Ski France & Italy

“In February we were due to ski in Austria (as we do every year). But a few weekends before my friend asked if we wouldn’t mind going to another resort as her circumstances had changed and this would be more cost-effective. Of course we said yes, it was all booked up and I thought no more of it.

 “When I looked at my board the other day I was pleasantly startled to see the ski chalet we ended up at looked almost identical to the one I had chosen for my vision board. Not only that, the new resort turned out to be on the border of Italy and France which means that you can ski in both countries on the same day.  If you look at the piste map closely, Italy is on the left and France is on the right. On my vision board, next to the spookily similar chalet, is a picture of Italy to left and a picture of skiing in France to the right.  WOW!!

 “Now for the next bit …. Although my friends cynically think I’m clutching at straws, there is something very symbolic and prescient about this too....

 Mary Poppins

“I like to paint theatre scenery as a hobby.  Each year I try to guess the school’s summer production as it’s very cloak and dagger before the big reveal.  I got it into my head this year that I would be painting the wizard of Oz, especially as there were lots of rainbows on my vision board. However, I hadn’t noticed the picture of the man on the rooftops with his parasol aloft.  And when I got home from painting rooftops for Mary Poppins scenery this year, I spotted it.  How I did not realise it would be Mary Poppins from that one image alone I don't know?"



“I’d also placed an Orangutan on my board. A couple of weeks later, my daughter asked for my help with a school project on deforestation. The natural habit of the orangutans is now mostly gone as the trees have been cut down for palm oil. In case you don’t know, palm oil is used in so many foods and beauty products. We have since become a palm oil-free family and adopted an orangutan.  Who knows maybe we'll meet him one day."

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Mary Nondé, is the author of “Awaken Your Intuitive Vision - unlocking possibilities you never knew existed”.


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