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Wellness retreats for individuals


Wellness retreats for individuals

The 2-day SOUL ALIVE Retreat

For overloaded individuals seeking respite, it’s good to stop, stand back and reflect.

Where am I going?  How did I get here?  What should I do next?

Three good questions - but you need space to find the answers.

To explore the options.  To work these things out.

It won’t happen while you’re busy-busy.

Overthinking it.  Run ragged by life.


In two days

To find the stillness you need to access your deeper wisdom you don’t have to take a week off.  Or  travel far.  Two days immersion with yourself and an expert facilitator.  No interruption from the outside world.  That can be enough.  Then layer in leisure time to rest, reflect, read and walk by the Thames.  It’s a slice of heavenly…

Is there something big - or little - you’d like to change which would improve the quality of your life?   Then take your foot off the pedal for 30 hours and let’s get to the bottom of it.

The SOUL ALIVE immersion starts at 10am on the first day and runs until 4pm next day.  In the charming riverside town of Bourne End, South Buckinghamshire. Contact me for more information.

“I really enjoyed the combination of self-awareness work, personal integration time, and the trip out in the local area, all designed to be an integral part of the SOUL ALIVE programme.  The fact that this and the lovely accommodation and food were all included in the price, felt like super-value for money for me.”  Katy, Oxford


  • 30-hour retreat agenda tailored to your needs

  • 1 x pre-retreat orientation coaching

  • Expert coaching and facilitation throughout

  • Excursion to site of natural beauty or historic interest

  • 1 x post-retreat empowerment coaching


  • Overnight in an apartment close to the Thames

  • Lovely double bedroom with private bathroom

  • Continental breakfast. Homemade lunch. Gastro pub supper.

  •  5-minutes from the Thames

  • A GWR train can bring you right to the door

  • Private car parking if not

Coaching options

  • Body-centred meditation                            

  • Moving with mindfulness                            

  • Making an Intuitive Vision Board              

  • Empowerment coaching

  • Somatic movement                                       

  • Expressive arts

  • Feng Shui conversation

  • Reiki healing


Mary Nondé

I’m an experienced creative facilitator and intuitive life coach, with an MA in Somatic Arts Psychotherapy.  I’m the creator of the Intuitive Vision Board workshop and author of “Awaken Your Intuitive Vision – unlocking possibilities you never knew existed”

I’m a Feng Shui consultant and Reiki Master, who works with non-physical energy (chi).  I’d love to help you.



Please contact me with some possible dates and to explore the SOUL ALIVE options further. 

Inclusive price: £494 for the Retreat. £620 includes before and after Coaching.

“I had no idea how deeply exhausted I was before I went on the SOUL ALIVE retreat.  Weighed down by life and responsibilities, I didn’t know if I’d be able to let go.  But by the end of the programme, my focus had shifted, my spirits were uplifted and I felt entirely different.”  Karen, Canada




Force of Nature


I love the forthrightness of this quote from the great Irish playwright who is also described as being a polemicist (I wouldn’t mind being one of those when I grow up).


I totally subscribe to his point of view.  I believe each one of us is here to make a very special contribution to the whole that only we, with our unique personality, set of predilections and skills, can do.  Finding that something - or combinations of somethings - that fires us up and gets us out of bed in the morning after a night of not-enough-sleep, is a life’s journey. 

While it’s the easier and safer option to indulge in hedonistic pleasures in our time off, these alone will not deliver the deeper fulfilment and purpose to our lives we secretly crave.  We need to balance hedonism with the quest for eudemonism - both Greek like Feta.
“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognised by yourself as a mighty one.”
George Bernard Shaw's point about “being recognised by yourself” holds the key here and not what others might think about your title or position.  You could be the CEO of a company with all its attendant trappings and still not recognise yourself for who you truly are at heart.


I remember once facilitating a group of CEO’s to make their Vision Boards.  We’d got to that moment in the proceedings when I was cruising around the room to view the near-complete visions.  I approached one man; middle-aged and overweight, the successful owner of a large software company. 
To my surprise he had placed a Tango-dancing couple in ‘close embrace’ right in the centre of his board.  I looked up at him as I blurted out the obvious:  “They’re dancing Tango!”  And then I saw the man’s eyes were filled with tears as he mouthed back:  “Yep, that used to be me once.  I was a very good Tango dancer and teacher and I’m a million miles removed from both now and it’s hurting; I must do something about it.”
Compare this scenario with the office cleaner who has mopped up for the same company for the past 30 years.  She works her hours around home and family.  She takes pride in her job, creating a sparkling environment to welcome staff to work the following day.  She travels to and from the office out of rush-hour and has no issues with parking.  She's her own boss and left alone to ruminate or listen to the radio uninterrupted as she labours.  Another true story, by the way.

I ask you, which of the two is more fulfilled?  Who has found a ‘mighty purpose’ by their own definition?  Then ask yourself sincerely:
“What might I too be doing if it wasn’t for:
the money
the security
the ‘job title’
the family
out of habit
other plausible reason?


You owe it to yourself to feel deep within your heart that your presence is worthwhile and your purpose on the earth is a mighty one.  Life is all too short.  And for the sweet privilege of being alive, I invite you to take whatever steps you need to take in the direction of ‘being a force of Nature’ and find the courage to let yourself blossom.  


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