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Wellness retreats for individuals


Wellness retreats for individuals

The 2-day SOUL ALIVE Retreat

For overloaded individuals seeking respite, it’s good to stop, stand back and reflect.

Where am I going?  How did I get here?  What should I do next?

Three good questions - but you need space to find the answers.

To explore the options.  To work these things out.

It won’t happen while you’re busy-busy.

Overthinking it.  Run ragged by life.


In two days

To find the stillness you need to access your deeper wisdom you don’t have to take a week off.  Or  travel far.  Two days immersion with yourself and an expert facilitator.  No interruption from the outside world.  That can be enough.  Then layer in leisure time to rest, reflect, read and walk by the Thames.  It’s a slice of heavenly…

Is there something big - or little - you’d like to change which would improve the quality of your life?   Then take your foot off the pedal for 30 hours and let’s get to the bottom of it.

The SOUL ALIVE immersion starts at 10am on the first day and runs until 4pm next day.  In the charming riverside town of Bourne End, South Buckinghamshire. Contact me for more information.

“I really enjoyed the combination of self-awareness work, personal integration time, and the trip out in the local area, all designed to be an integral part of the SOUL ALIVE programme.  The fact that this and the lovely accommodation and food were all included in the price, felt like super-value for money for me.”  Katy, Oxford


  • 30-hour retreat agenda tailored to your needs

  • 1 x pre-retreat orientation coaching

  • Expert coaching and facilitation throughout

  • Excursion to site of natural beauty or historic interest

  • 1 x post-retreat empowerment coaching


  • Overnight in an apartment close to the Thames

  • Lovely double bedroom with private bathroom

  • Continental breakfast. Homemade lunch. Gastro pub supper.

  •  5-minutes from the Thames

  • A GWR train can bring you right to the door

  • Private car parking if not

Coaching options

  • Body-centred meditation                            

  • Moving with mindfulness                            

  • Making an Intuitive Vision Board              

  • Empowerment coaching

  • Somatic movement                                       

  • Expressive arts

  • Feng Shui conversation

  • Reiki healing


Mary Nondé

I’m an experienced creative facilitator and intuitive life coach, with an MA in Somatic Arts Psychotherapy.  I’m the creator of the Intuitive Vision Board workshop and author of “Awaken Your Intuitive Vision – unlocking possibilities you never knew existed”

I’m a Feng Shui consultant and Reiki Master, who works with non-physical energy (chi).  I’d love to help you.



Please contact me with some possible dates and to explore the SOUL ALIVE options further. 

Inclusive price: £494 for the Retreat. £620 includes before and after Coaching.

“I had no idea how deeply exhausted I was before I went on the SOUL ALIVE retreat.  Weighed down by life and responsibilities, I didn’t know if I’d be able to let go.  But by the end of the programme, my focus had shifted, my spirits were uplifted and I felt entirely different.”  Karen, Canada




A Message From The Gods...


In Greek mythology, Asclepius, son of Apollo, is the God of healing and medicine with his daughters, Hygiea and Panacea, as cohorts.  The remains of his largest healing sanctuary is at Epidaurus in the Peloponnese and there’s another accessible site on the island of Kos.

In ancient Greece when a person had lost their way and their health was out of sorts, friends and family packed them off to one of these sacred Ascelpion sites.  Exhausted, bored, grieving, discouraged... whatever their symptoms the underlying motivation was always the same: take time-out or burnout.


By night, resting in the innermost temple of Asclepius, the seeker would await the transformational dream that would change their life.  Non-venomous snakes also shared this sacred space with them and that's how the two entwined serpents has become our symbol for medicine.

I like to think there are similarities between the Asclepion experience and my Soul Alive Retreat which also gives people space to regroup and re-balance. I use creativity, mindfulness and somatic arts to awaken the active dream state and we don’t wait until nightfall to receive messages from the gods. Oh, and I leave out the snakes!

Why enter this dream state anyway?  Because this is where we gain new perspectives, innovative answers to insoluble problems, and can dislodge habitual behaviours.  By accessing this right side of the brain we avoid our over-dependence on the rational mind, which keeps churning out the same-old ideas ad infinitum hoping this time around they'll provide the answer. 


I've secured the exclusive use of a beautiful villa near the sea for next year's Soul Alive.  It's situated on the southernmost tip of the Iberian peninsula, where the Mediterranean sea meets the Atlantic, in the lovely Andalusian fishing village of Tarifa. 

Take a look at the Tarifa slide show and I hope you'll be as enthused as I am. Besides the fully-facilitated retreat, the facilities include both indoor and outdoor studios and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  Get your body moving, what!  But if rest is what you need most then there's plenty of time and space for that too.


The 6-day retreat starts Sunday 6 May 2018 in the morning and finishes Saturday 12th May 2018. The weather should be perfect then for both inner and outer exploration and the hillsides covered with wild flowers while the beaches will be empty.  

I like to host small group retreats to ensure everyone receives plenty of personal attention to help bring about the necessary shifts this time-out together can deliver. Here's one woman's experience of Soul Alive this year: 

"I had no idea how deeply exhausted I was when I went on Mary’s retreat. At the beginning of the 6 days I actually felt stressed-out at the thought of being away for so long, it was hard to let go. By the end of the week I was feeling very different."
"I really enjoyed the combination of self-awareness work and having trips out to the surrounding beautiful areas, somewhere different every day. The fact that all the tours, the workshop facilitation, accommodation, food and transfers were included in the price made it feel like great value."

"Mary had a light touch in all this and spending part of each day out and about meant it never got intense. Nevertheless all of us did go deep; like me the others led busy lives and never gave ourselves time to take stock and reflect.  Mary’s experience and training in dealing with the strong but helpful emotions that sometimes came up meant we all felt safe.  It was a very supportive group, with a lot of wisdom and solidarity."

What you get for your money:

* A beautiful en-suite private room or shared en-suite room - your choice

* All meals including some dining out in Spanish restaurants 

* Airport transfers to and from Gibraltar airport 

* 5 movement sessions before breakfast (optional)

* 5 mornings of somatic arts workshops with group/peer coaching

* 5 afternoon excursions to explore the natural beauty of the area and absorb the Moorish/Andalusian culture (optional)

* On-site massage available as an extra

* Dolphin/whale watching is an optional extra.

* Pre- and post-retreat coaching check-ins to prepare for and integrate the retreat.

The retreat package is £1,700 (private room) or £1,500 (shared room). Flights, UK transfers, and travel insurance are on top.  

If you're feeling adventurous you might tag on some extra days to visit wonderful nearby towns like Seville, Cadiz, Jerez, Malaga, Granada - or hop on a 30-minute ferry to Tangiers.
I’m taking reservations for Soul Alive already so please indicate if you might be interested.  Email or text/call me on 0782 7017188.
Hasta la vista…. Mary