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How to unlock your vision and purpose with a vision board.  Four great examples


How to unlock your vision and purpose with a vision board. Four great examples

Most contemporary visions and the vision boards that go with them are frankly tame.  Why is that?

Because their scope is limited to images chosen by their maker to meet predetermined definitions of what success, happiness and achievement should look like.  But this is only from the finite frame of reference of the maker’s logical-left brain, dipping into a limited pool of information stored inside their cognitive mind. 

This type of concept board originated in the world of design, where it served to capture ideas, moods and concepts together in one place.  From the outset the designer is deliberately working to a brief and controlling the search filters to meet it.

This is creative planning; it’s not visioning.

It is not very inspiring either.  It’s certainly not innovative.  And no new thinking can breakthrough or emerge under these conditions.

On the contrary, look what happened for a range of intuitive vision board makers who chose to quell their logical-left brain in favour of their creative right-brain to explore where they might be heading in their lives. Such a variety of unpremeditated Intuitive Vision Boards emerged.

An Asset Manager says …

“A wonderful process to step away from rationalising, organising, and processing to a free-form creativity and letting your imagination have a turn.  It left me feeling very in touch with what I want.”


A 17-year old says ….

“I’ve never worked in silence for that long before and being in that particular room helped me gain clarity and to really think about and plan my vision board.  I can now visualise how I’d like my life to be.”


A Copywriter says ….

“A very powerful technique.  Not for one moment did my left-brain switch on so it felt wonderfully liberating.  Mary is such a generous facilitator.”


A Healer says …

“I really enjoyed having the time and space for myself to be creative and in the moment.  It gave me chance to explore and visualise where I want to go ….”


To discover what making an Intuitive Vision Board can unlock for you, find a workshop date to suit you.  Or drop me a line if you prefer to work one-to-one.


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FAQs about the intuitive vision board


FAQs about the intuitive vision board


Seek clarity, find your path, achieve a breakthrough

These are the questions I am asked the most about the Intuitive Vision Board workshop, which is ideal for those who are at a crossroads and wondering which way to go next. 

Do I need to be intuitive or have psychic ability to make an Intuitive Vision Board?

Not at all. It is a straightforward creative process that anyone can follow to connect you to your intuition and super-conscious intelligence and ideas beyond the scope of everyday intelligence.

 How often should I make a vision board?
Once a year is a good interval.  Most of the board’s content will have emerged during that time and you’ll be ready to explore what’s waiting for you around the next corner.
Does it matter if I have a vision board already?
No, especially if it’s a visualisation kind where you gave thought to what it would contain in advance of making it.  That’s a goal-setting exercise rather than visioning but the two boards might sit well together. 

What an intuitive vision board does is unveil surprises and opportunities, prompt you in taking alternative actions – and that’s what’s so exciting about it.
Is it an all day workshop?
Not quite.  It’s five hours from 10am – 3pm.  Hot drinks are provided but a bottle of water and something for you to nibble on would be useful to bring.
Where is it held?
My favoured local haunt is the light and airy garden room in Bourne End Library, South Bucks.  It’s quiet and secluded and on Sundays we have it to ourselves. 

The workshop can travel anywhere too if you’ve got a group of 8 or more lined up and ready to go. Please enquire..
How young is too young?
A four-year old once attended alongside her mum but she could use a pair scissors well on her own.  It’s more suited to older children, particularly those at choice points in their education.  The workshop is super-helpful in giving them direction and confidence.
What’s the age limit?
The oldest so far has been a 78-year old spiritual leader.  Past retirement age an intuitive vision board can help you explore how to ‘unwind’ after a busy life and what legacy you want to leave behind.
Do I need to prepare anything in advance?
Absolutely nothing.  It will all happen on the day, in the moment, starting from a clear head.  This is a visioning exercise you see and not planning.   You’ll use the right-brain and not the left.
What do I bring?
Your wonderful self.  A few magazines (although I provide loads and all the art materials).  And about half a dozen objects of different sizes to create a group installation - but you will take them away again afterwards.
What will I leave the workshop with?
1. A large inspirational vision board which you’ll love to pieces
2. Additional insights into what else you may need to bring your vision to life
3. Other gems from your interactions with fellow visionaries and observing the range and variety of their intuitive vision boards
4. A private coaching session to follow to focus on your board and explore in-depth the signs and metaphors emerging and what they might mean for you. 

Alternatively Chapter 6 in Awaken Your Intuitive Vision describes what you should look out for on your intuitive vision board.
May I ask a question?
Yes, please contact me here.
Thank you for reading these FAQs.  If you think of anyone who is seeking clarity over some area of their life or could do with a steer in finding their path, please share these FAQs with them.
I’d like to attend the workshop what next?
Have a look at the dates coming up on my Events page and then reserve your place. 

Or, if you’re a busy professional, having a one-to-one workshop and coaching session with me on a day to suit you may work better.  Please enquire.