Rally the family around by creating a Family Vision Board together...

 How many women (in particular) do you know who tread a fine line between making sure everyone's needs are met and their own sanity!  

The Family Vision Board is one practical and pleasurable way of cutting through all that invisible negotiating that can sap your energy and get it out in the open.  The needs  of the different family members are expressed and then more easily accommodated, with the objective of achieving family unity and harmony in the home.  

Everyone's voice is heard

I'm a total fan of intuitive Vision Boards for getting to the heart of things and exploring them creatively.   So when I was invited by Sarah to facilitate a Family Vision Board workshop, it was a natural evolution.  What I like about this community process is that it's inclusive:  everyone gets the chance to make their individual contribution to the whole and express their ideas from their perspective.

The real priorities of family life become apparent as you see them unfolding before your very eyes.   The Family Vision Board then sits in the hub of the home, a constant reminder of the values and aspirations of the community.  

Here's one mother's experience....  

"I first met Mary on a retreat and found her work to be both revealing and healing.   I then later created a personal Vision Board with her on a manifestation course.  This helped me again to keep moving at a significant time of change in my life. I found that using 'active imagination' to generate a large piece of artwork that I could refer to was very anchoring and empowering.

Recently I took it to a whole new level in creating a Family Vision Board with my husband and son. Neither knew anything about it but entered into the process with  open minds and hearts.  

Our wish was to find a way to listen to each other in terms of our individual hopes and dreams.  We wanted to begin to paint a picture of what the family landscape might look like so we could plot the future we hoped to share and create together. 

Family bonding time

We all found the experience great fun, very energising, gentle yet profound - and most of all incredibly insightful.  

Mary gave us the perfect amount of guidance, space and encouragement to really communicate on the Family Vision Board what we individually hold dear about family life - a picture that is now prominent in our home for us all to focus on and allow too manifest in the goodness of time.  It's sooooo exciting to see it. 

Sarah's profound insight

During the workshop, I saw a lot of things unfolding and at times it was quite emotional for me.  It occurred to me that so many of us  spend our lives looking for more when actually what we really want is right there in front of us.  Or we have it already!   It's just a question of slowing things down and pausing long enough so we can recognise this and do something about it.  The Family Vision Board was a very beautiful and powerful process for enabling that.  A thousand 'thank you's', Mary!"

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