Creating an Intuitive Vision Board is an inspirational and life-changing experience that gives you

  • Clarity about what's really important  to you

  • Focus to avoid being distracted by the wrong things

  • Guidance to seek a certain pathway to an unknown future

  • Courage to push though any fear and uncertainty

  • Confidence to believe in yourself and your unique abilities

  • Motivation and energy to pursue your purpose with a passion

I’ve been leading Intuitive Vision Board workshops since 2008. I love helping people navigate life’s crossroads while encouraging them to follow their heart’s desire.

"The single most valuable investment I have ever made in myself and I've invested in a few." Jane Nichols, Business Mentor


The workshop is only four hours long but will continue to bear fruit during the year ahead. 

  • Welcome, mingling and refreshments

  • Difference between intuitive and ego-led visioning

  • Body-centred meditation to come to stillness

  • Creative warm-ups to awaken the intuition

  • Oodles of time to choose images for your board

  • Oodles more time to arrange them

  • Gallery tour to appreciate the diversity of creativity


The workshop alone is £98 per person. This includes expert facilitation, art materials and refreshments. 

The £197 package includes empowerment coaching and a signed copy of my book - Awaken Your Intuitive Vision.

"I was in a place of uncertainty, wanting to find which direction I should take.  The workshop was perfect for exploring this while the coaching session afterwards was enlightening and worth every minute of it."   Helen Foster, Life Coach


To ask a question, book your place, receive important joining information, please contact me