Explore what the future has in store.  Gain  clarity, confidence and commitment to the path you're taking by making a Vision Board.  

More like a vision quest than a goal-setting exercise, a Vision Board gives you the big picture; a large collage of beautiful and emotive images, providing a remarkable source of inspiration, guidance and serendipity in the month's ahead. 

Working at the subconscious level, the Vision Board is the bridge between your deepest desires and their manifestation.  The Vision Board is the  creative tool we use to awaken your right-brain and the power of the active imagination to explore such weighty questions as:

  • What should I be doing with  my life?
  • Where do I belong?
  • Where should I go?
  • What do I need to be happy and feel most authentic?
  • What is the path will deliver my greatest fulfilment?

Intuitive Vision Board™ workshop

Being part of a group offline in a workshop is exponentially greater than making a vision board on your own on-line.   Why?

Working alone or chatting to a friend it's too easy to be distracted by the controlling left-brain, which either spoils the game by decides what your vision should look like and find pictures to represent it.   Or gets bored, declares the game over and your Vision Board is left unfinished.   

In an Intuitive Vision Board™ workshop its the role of the group leader to set up the ideal conditions for creativity and breakthrough, by-passing the left-brain gate-keeper to drop deeply into the realms of the super-conscious.  


  • Welcome, mingling and refreshments
  • Body-centred meditation to come to stillness
  • Creative warm-ups to awaken the intuition 
  • Oodles of time to choose images for your board
  • Gallery tour to appreciate the diversity of creativity

DATES 2018

  • Sunday 8th July
  • Sunday 23rd September
  • Sunday 28th October

The workshop runs from 10am - 2pm.

The workshops are usually held in different venues in Buckinghamshire.

The workshop leader is Mary Nondé - The Creativity Coach

The price is £125.  £65 for students and retired.  Includes expert facilitation, art materials and refreshments.  Plus pre-workshop clarification coaching call to clarify your intentions and best outcomes.


To book your place - or to ask any questions - please contact us below.   We'll send you the Booking form and a Welcome letter.  Thank you.


Not everyone can travel to south Buckinghamshire for the Intuitive Vision Board ™ workshop, even though it's a string of beautiful towns along the River Thames.   Perhaps you'd prefer me to travel to you for a private workshop instead - and to include your partner.  Or commission a workshop for your peers, family and friends on your own turf. 

 The VIP Intuitive Vision Board™ workshop - one-to-one includes post-workshop Empowerment Coaching to unlock the wisdom of the Vision Board  

The Friendship Group Intuitive Vision Board™ workshop - gather a group of friends and take the creative journey together but make individual boards  

The Family Intuitive Vision Board™ workshop ensures everyone's needs are heard and the family rallied around a common cause by creating a vision board together

The Couple's Intuitive Vision Board™ workshop - the ideal way to ensure both needs are honoured while providing a focus for the life you're creating  together

The Corporate Intuitive Vision Board™ workshop works well as a team-away day to stimulate creativity and empower the individual while encouraging more engagement with the team and greater contribution to the organisation.

Katherine Woods, Founder and CEO, Meeting Magic Ltd

“I’ve participated in four of Mary’s Vision Board Workshops over the years and held one for my Company. The workshops provide a great space in which to reflect and explore what your future has in store."