A vision board is typically a collage of words and pictures conjured up by the left-brain to  make your dreams come true.  That's not what we're about here.   

The Intuitive Vision Board is a right-brain activity in which you start with an empty mind and anticipate nothing at all.  It's a powerful creative process that is emergent, empowering, and life-changing.

By engaging the active imagination, the Intuitive Vision Board creates a bridge between your deepest desires and their realisation - for the year ahead and oftentimes longer. 

More like a vision quest rather than a goal-setting exercise that uses pictures,  the Intuitive Vision Board provides a remarkable source of inspiration, guidance and serendipity and it sets out to explore important questions like:

  • Where am I going with my life?

  • What should I go?

  • Who should I be with?

  • What do I need to be happy and authentic?

  • What does my soul desire?



Being part of a creative group or exploring one-to-one with me can be easier and more effective than making a vision board on your own.   Here's why?

On your own the left-brain has the tendency to take-over and decide what should be on your board and then find the images to represent this.  Besides, the left-brain gets bored easily, and can have you wander off leaving your  board unfinished.   When you're with a friend there's a tendency to chat, which means your right-brain is dismissed altogether.

My role as facilitator to help you by-pass the left-brain gate-keeper to widen the field of possibility so you can drop deeply into the realm of the super-conscious for the answers you seek. 

Helen Foster, Life Coach 

"I was in a place of uncertainty, wanting to find out which direction I should take.  The workshop was the perfect place for exploring this while the coaching session afterwards was enlightening and worth every minute of it."   



During the one-to-one session we leave no stone upturned in exploring the signs, symbols and hidden language appearing on your board as images.  Be prepared for surprises as you uncover what your soul craves rather than what your head desires.

 It’s better value for you to purchase this one-hour empowerment coaching session when you pay for the workshop. This transformative package also includes a copy of my book ‘Awaken Your Intuitive Vision’.

Jenny Tschiesche, The Lunch Box Doctor 

"Without the coaching, making the vision board would be like baking a magnificent cake and then not eating it.  The one-to-one session produced a subtle and sometimes radical re-frame of my own interpretations under Mary's experienced and intuitive eye." 


To enquire further, book your place or ask a question, please use the buttons below.   


Perhaps you'd like me to travel to you for a private workshop on your own turf - for your friends, your family, your partner, or your peers: 

 Mid-week Special - two-friends together in a private workshop, includes Empowerment Coaching subsequently to unlock the deeper wisdom of the Intuitive Vision Board.   

Friendship Group - gather a group of friends and take the creative journey together by making individual vision boards  

Family - ensures everyone's needs are heard and the family rallied around a common cause by creating a vision board together

Couple's - the ideal way to ensure both needs are honoured and met while providing a focus for the life you desire to create together

Corporate - works well as a team-away day to stimulate creativity and to empower and motivate the individual.  It also encourages greater engagement with the team and increases contribution to the organisation. Including Charities and Education sectors.

Katherine Woods, Founder and CEO, Meeting Magic Ltd

“I’ve participated in four of Mary’s vision board workshops over the years and held one for my Company. The workshops provide a great space in which to reflect and explore what your future has in store."