Create your “big picture”at the Vision Board Workshop.  An illuminating and empowering experience,  more like a vision quest than a goal-setting exercise that builds a bridge between your deepest desires and their manifestation.

The workshop commences with grounding exercises and creative warm-ups so you're in the best head-heart space to receive a fresh perspective and to achieve a breakthrough.  Without this preparation nothing new and surprising can emerge.  Your 'head' will continue to dominate your decision-making and over-ride your heart.

The Vision Board Workshop is not an artistic exercise.  It is an act of creativity,  especially useful to anyone transitioning through change, including students.  

The Friendship Group Vision Board workshop - gather a group of friends or Peers together and I'll come to you.  

The Family Vision Board Workshop ensures everyone's needs are heard and the family rallied around a common cause by creating a vision together.

The Couple's Vision Board Workshop is a beautiful way to ensure  your individual needs are honoured while providing a focus for the life you want to create  together.

The Corporate Vision Board Workshop works well as a team-away day.  It stimulates creativity and empowers the individual while encouraging engagement with other team members and the organisation.